Why Do You Need A Clear Brand Message?

We’ve been in the marketing world long enough to hear all kinds of horror stories. We’ve sat in countless rooms with people who had a big question mark on their face. We’ve been asked the question “why isn’t _____ working?” It really comes down to one thing…lack of brand messaging. So, we suggest that before you launch your website, post on social, or even decide on a logo – you figure out what the heck you want to say and why. There are a lot of elements when it comes to a “brand”, but we think identity and messaging is the most crucial one as it guides and informs all the other areas of your brand.  So why is messaging so important?

  • You want people to understand what you do, the problem you solve, and why customers should choose you
  • People buy what you do based on the words you use
  • How you come across and how you explain what you do has a massive influence on buying decisions
  • Your message helps you stand out from the crowd and be heard in this busy marketplace
  • Your message and how you use it is what connects you with your ideal client.
  • You can use your messaging to entertain; to educate; to inspire – and it’s unique to you

Your messaging evokes a feeling – a memory – or a vibe. Don’t believe me? What comes to mind when you hear: Apple, BMW, McDonalds, Walmart. You felt something – and that something came from the way they messaging and speak about themselves. What do you want people to feel and when they think about you or talk about you?

All of the words help formulate the rest – the logo, the website, the color pallette, the “fun” elements. So, with that being said, we highly recommend nailing that down to the tee before approaching your marketing and creative development. Our friends over at Root + River said it best:

“Once you know the root of your brand, you are ready for your message and offerings to flow out into the world. Well, almost ready. You need a logo that is art, not an afterthought. You need a website that tells stories, that moves hearts … and products.”


It’s all about clarity, consistency, and confidenceWe’re here for you, so hit us up when you’re ready to get to the heart of your brand!