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Anyone can “do social media” these days, but that doesn’t mean they can do it properly.

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Is your social strategy not packing enough punch? When done right, social media can be the most effective marketing tool for business growth, engagement and exposure. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook may seem straightforward to the average casual user, but employing social media as a tool to advertise your company’s products and services, while strategically tracking and measuring results? That, my friend, is an entirely different beast. WIDSIX is the solution to sharing your business the right way: our social media team has magic in their fingertips, and every account we manage experiences stable, genuine growth. We like that.

WIDSIX believes:

Social Media

involves much more than simply sourcing a few aesthetic photos and slapping them on a feed in the hopes they will produce engagement and profit. If it was that easy, anyone who owns a smartphone would be a successful influencer with thousands of followers and endless brand deals, don’t you think? As one of the top social media-focused advertising and marketing agencies in Phoenix, AZ, our cornerstone is strategizing each and every aspect of social media management: from consistency in content, to audience engagement, to hashtag use. All of this and more is determined through extensive market research, which guarantees that each of our clients is advertising their service to the appropriate target audience, with the appropriate content.

Together, we can bring build your following.

At the end of the day, the objective with social media marketing is the same across the board: promote your product to the right community and hope they bite. The difference with us?

We make sure to put you directly in front of those right people, with the right bait.

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