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Having a hard time keeping up with marketing acronyms? The nerd to English dictionary translates “PPC” to “pay per click”, which is a form of digital advertising where you pay a certain amount of dough every time someone clicks on your ad.

Good news – you are only paying when your ad is clicked by a user, which has the potential to save business owners money and keep the spend going directly to interested customers.

Bad news – it’s easy to target vague/general keywords and end up spending money for ad placement that is not getting in front of the right target audience.

Keep In Mind: Based on our conversations with business owners and marketing managers, here are some things to keep in mind (in no particular order):

  • PPC can be a great strategy to employ in your marketing plan, if done properly. If not set up and implemented properly, you can waste a ton of loot (typically, noobs get caught chasing clicks and wanting to see big impression numbers).
  • The pay per click ads look eerily like organic results (they blend in really well). They can be found right at the top of the search results (top 3) and along the right side (below map/local results, normally).
  • Clicking your ads to “test them out” costs you $ – do your testing of links, etc from withing the dashboard.
  • Clicking on your competitors ads repeatedly to cost them money is not cool – and google can/will catch you (we’ve seen it happen).
  • Every keyword has it’s own CPC (cost per click). The cost is determined by how many people are trying to run ads for that keyword (competition rate). Think of an auction – the more people bigging, the higher the price – but if you are the only one at the auction, you can save bank.

Magic Bullet: You wish! But if you are determined to do-it-yourself, our general recommendation (without knowing your situation) – start slow, select as handful of targeted/niche keywords, make your ads using those exact keywords in the mix, then scale up (ad spend and number of campaigns) as your ads begin to perform well. As your campaigns grow, you’ll need to have specific landing pages with language that matches your ad copy (and targeted keywords), conversion tracking on forms/CTA/buttons, and other basic fundamentals in place.

Anyone Can Do It: We have this conversation with clients all the time – “my niece is good with computers” – good luck with that. There are a ton of settings in there and many can cost you thousands of dollars. Don’t be “that guy” – which brings us to our next point…

Get Help (from a Pro): For some strange reason, we always recommend you get a professional involved (hint, hint). If you want our help auditing your ad account or just looking to start the conversation on the details of what PPC can do for you – Hit us up at [email protected]

Get Seen With PPC – Google Ads, Paid Media & Digital Marketing