3, 2, 1, Youtube

With over a billion users, YouTube has something for everyone (literally, everyone). Marketing on YouTube can be a phenomenal way to capture the attention of your target audience, but many find sustaining quality content creation for an organic channel to be challenging. So How does one decide if to YouTube or not to YouTube for their business?

#1.) Determine if your target audience is using YouTube (chances are they are with billions of users around the world) but it doesn’t hurt to do your research and search what your competitors are doing on YouTube.

#2.) Got content? Do you have any quality content to start with? If not, you will need to map out what type of content would bring value to your channel. Want to make educational tutorials? Great, come up with ideas on what you think your audience wants to learn. There are tons of people out there utilizing YouTube for more than leisurely entertainment, they are utilizing it to learn languages, how to DIY, grow their business, etc … you name it, its on there! Make sure you’re videos are engaging so your get subscribers to tune in!

#3.) YouTube really took off with the millennial generation but it is utilized by just about everyone these days. With the platform being so saturated with content, you will want to create content that peaks users interest. Don’t just throw a video up to get one published, put thought into what you would want to see and find entertaining. Circling back to the people posting the same space can give you an idea of how people have reacted to content with comments. A little research can go a long way to pave the way to successfully capturing your audience.

#4.) When all is done and said, the most important things to consider when starting a YouTube channel is time, budget, and consistency. Many get caught up in the time and cost of production and therefore lack consistency of content. You don’t have to have a full production crew to make videos but if you are wanting a certain type of quality, it can be worth it. However, if you find that you can’t really keep a consistent flow of content going out to your subscribers, you may actually have people hitting the unsubscribe button because you are lacking relevance. Considering these aspects when deciding if YouTube is a go for your business or not can really help you win any way you decide to go!

Bottom line – YouTube is right for your business. Stop overthinking it, push record, get it online, and your [like-minded] tribe will find it!