Importance of Utilizing PR [Public Relations] in [Some] Marketing Campaigns

PR is not a good addition to every campaign, but in some cases it can help amplify budget and overall marketing campaign effectiveness. We have several clients who benefit from leveraging PR in tandem with our help on the marketing front. We compiled a short list of things to keep in mind, but first – what is PR ->

What is Public Relations or PR?

Public Relations (PR) is the process of creating a favorable image in the market to build beneficial relationships among the society or peer group the organization serves. While this may sound similar to advertising which demands a certain amount of money to be on play, PR uses methods to draw attention to newsworthy and attention-worthy activities of the organization and its consumers.

PR requires businesses to allocate adequate budgets to hire people who oversee and execute PR strategies. A creative and effective PR strategy can hit your markets objectives at a fraction of the cost you would need for paid advertising. The key to success is to be creative in your market messaging while being newsworthy – strategies a reputable PR company can help you develop.

Apart from being cost-efficient & effective (especially when combined with paid advertising), there are other reasons which make PR important in marketing campaigns. When used at the right place and the right target market, it can transform the future and profitability of businesses. Let’s have a look at some of the other advantages of PR.

The Top 5 Reasons Why PR can be Important in Marketing Campaigns

  1. Brand credibility – The key to build trust

The importance of trust in business is unarguable. It is the very foundation businesses are to be built upon. If anything were to shake this foundation, all those business figures will just remain on papers.

Popular PR strategists are hired to work on increasing the credibility of a brand within the industry and improving its reputation. They will rely on influencers or networking strategies to meet the expected result.

  1. Broad reach – Reach out to masses unlike paid advertisements

Unlike targeted ads, which appeal only to an audience who is a sales prospect, a PR campaign reaches out to the masses. The publicity efforts with a specific perspective can be an important tool in marketing steps made by the firm.

  1. Uncontrollable reach – High chances of earning global attention

While you run an ad campaign no mainstream media or spokesperson will mind taking it on to their hands. That’s not the case with PR. Once the work has become ‘viral’ it will break all its boundaries and even can earn you global attention even for a short span. Such a boost is the dream of every company no matter which discipline it is working on.

  1. Lead generation – More leads, more business

The reach a successful PR campaign generates will help generate leads as well as building brand awareness with their potential customers through press releases and business stories.

Agencies craft the right messages which resonate with target audiences – yielding a positive impact all around. By impact, we mean nothing but bigger sales figures and bigger profits.

  1. Feed me – Feed your marketing machine quality content

PR can be a huge help in general marketing efforts – your PR team getting your business on various press outlets only helps feed quality, potentially viral content into your other marketing efforts – social media, blogging, SEO, etc. The infamous “as seen on” often brings a lot of credibility and PR mentions + media outlets/logo can become marketing campaigns of their own.

If you want to chat PR or marketing, hit us up. We are happy to give you more information or strategize with you on the role PR can play in your marketing campaigns.