A Founder’s Struggle with Selfishness

I am completely selfish and self absorbed… and admittedly, my business is all about me.
I’m selfishly obsessed with providing the drive behind the vehicle that makes people ignore traditional “work days” and weekends. Creating an environment where people love what they do creates a shift in thinking and blurs those lines. Small comments from a social post can give more satisfaction than any money or “big contract”. I am selfish. I hate micromanaging and refuse to do it.
Because of that selfishness, I find good people then empower them to do their thing…guiding them into areas where their strengths are well-matched, creating an arena where they will never fail. An arena where mistakes are okay, as long as you learn from them while building confidence and allowing them to have exponential personal growth.
Enter a big piece to the puzzle which continues to drive our success. Chelsea chose to bring her talents to WIDSIX because she bought into my vision and my determination to provide marketing services to the masses in a non-douchey way. Watching her mature in business and forge through her school to career transition has been amazing.
Because Chelsea trusted me and had the balls to follow her gut instincts (which told her less money, but more opportunity was the hand to double down on), she is now reaping the reward that comes with choosing the “good fit” over the job with the higher pay. If she had gone the safe (easy) route, she’d still be getting coffee for a douchey Ad guy at some big agency. Instead, she does what she loves, travels more than anyone on the team, and doesn’t know if it’s Monday or Friday.