6 Of the Best A/B Testing Tools for 2019

A marketer’s work doesn’t end with content… oh no. In fact, content creation is only the first step in a job that, quite frankly, is never quite finished until you’ve squeezed every last juicy drop of data out at the completion of the campaign and analyzed it until your brain is overcooked like a fried egg that would provoke Gordon Ramsey to unleash the full extent of his wrath on to you. 


A/B Testing folks, that’s it. That’s what really drives results. A/B testing is a crucial, yet often overlooked step in marketing campaigns. And we get it, it requires a lot of working, reworking, blood, sweat, tears, etc. Luckily, there is a whole host of A/B testing tools out there at your fingertips, designed specifically to make the process easier on you and your team. To help you determine which one will work best to suit your needs, we’ve made a list of 6 of our favorites!

1. Google Analytics and Google Optimize

You may remember that we did an entire post about how Google Analytics works, so clearly we are huge fans. Google Analytics (GA) is a completely free tool created by, you guessed it, Google! The tool works by implanting specific lines of code into the existing code for your website which will track and record various activities of users as they click through your website. The tool can even pull things like age, gender, interests, etc of users. It can be difficult to create marketing goals without knowing who your audience is and what they want. By collecting this data, Google Analytics can help you gain a deeper understanding of your customer base so you can deliver better experiences and improved results, whatever your needs may be. 

Google Optimize works within Google Analytics to help you with all of your A/B testing needs. This program offers an extremely comprehensive arsenal of A/B tools for free, which we think is amazing. Plus, it’s super simple and straightforward to use alongside Google Analytics’ custom audience targeting features. You can upgrade to the paid version of Google Optimize, which offers more multivariate testing capabilities and the ability to run more than one experiment at a time. If you find yourself itching for more tools as your business expands, then perhaps you would consider upgrading. 

This awesome guide will give you an in-depth tutorial on how to use Google Optimize’s features.

2. Optimizely

Optimizely is great in that it offers more features than just A/B testing, so it adapts and grows with your business. Optimizely Web is the product that you would use for A/B testing, but they also have Optimizely X Personalization which allows you to send customized messages to each unique segment of your audience. Unfortunately, unlike Google Optimize, Optimizely comes at the steep annual cost of $36,000–$200,000 for an Enterprise plan.

3. VWO

VWO is known as Optimizely’s biggest competitor. The two platforms are quite similar, but while Optimizely offers a paid dedicated mobile testing tool, VWO allows you to get feedback from users for free. VWO is said to be more simple, user-friendly, and straightforward however. So if you’re looking for something simple and easy to use, perhaps you might select VWO over Optimizely. 

4. AB Tasty

The great thing about AB Tasty is that it is reasonably priced and easy to use. Does it really get much better than that? The platform offers cool features like heatmaps, page flow reports, and basic personalization. As for testing, you’ll encounter the typical A/B, split and multivariate testing options, and a neat funnel testing feature that allows you to experiment with changes across multiple pages.

5. Omniconvert

Omniconvert describes themselves as “the Swiss Army knife of A/B testing.” With Omniconvert, you can run A/B tests on desktop, mobile, and tablet. You can also turn winning versions of an A/B test into the control for a future test. Their segmentation and A/B testing tools blend seamlessly, allowing you to test over 40 segmentation parameters such as geolocation, traffic source, and visitor behavior. This is a great tool for a medium-sized business.

6. HubSpot & Kissmetrics Complete A/B Testing Kit

HubSpot and Kissmetrics collaborated to bring us a complete A/B testing kit which includes an introductory guide to A/B testing, an easy-to-use significance calculator, and a template to help you track your results overtime. This kit was developed because they noticed a lack of understanding surrounding the ins and outs of A/B testing, and thus wanted to fill in the knowledge gaps. For this reason, this tool is excellent for those who are just beginning to dip their toe into A/B testing, or even bigger businesses that could use some brushing up on their skills.