Top Rated Reviewed Cart CRM Tools


Web analytics is a method used to evaluate how visitors behave on a website by gathering data.

In the last few years, this method has become very popular and necessary for marketers to find out what works for their business and what doesn’t.

In fact, studies show that 52% of businesses adopted data and analytics strategies as of 2017.



Google Analytics, for example, is one of the most popular analytics tools used by businesses, with as many as 30–50 million websites using it.

This tool lets you gather data to better understand your customers, and improve your website and your visitors’ experience.

Nevertheless, there are a number of tools that can help your business reach its full potential and are intended to make analyzing your website a simple process. Here’s my list of top-rated Web Analytics tools.

Tool #1 – ClickFunnels


Description From The Developer: Instead of hiring developers to code and piece together your funnel, ClickFunnels allows YOU, the entrepreneur, to build funnels FAST with our one-stop funnel creation system.

You can build high-converting funnels to generate leads, make sales, one-click upsells, webinars and more.

Our summary of the Product:

For businesses that rely on sales, finding a good software or platform is essential. ClickFunnels eliminates the need for a third-party, making it easy for even non-technical people to build a sales funnel page in just a few hours, rather than a few weeks.




ClickFunnels comes with several templates that users can choose to represent the brand and type of product. Each one has the same drag-and-drop capability, courtesy of the Etison Editor feature that eliminates the need for coding experts.

Actionetics MD is a feature that simplifies the marketing process, reaching out to customers easily with desktop, text, email and social notifications. Backpack lets users add an affiliate program to the pages with pre-designed templates.

“The key factor in us choosing ClickFunnels was it’s ability to serve as a one-stop-shop for all of our landing page and funnel building needs. All of the features they offer, and the simplicity of their drag-and-drop page builder, combined with the membership cost, were too tempting to say no to.”
Ross Simmonds (Digital Marketing Strategist)

The good thing about ClickFunnels is not only is it easy to use, but it also has all the tools users need to complete the sales process from start to finish.

An integrated shopping cart and membership area where products are delivered, ensure visitors never have to leave the page, and if they do, automated marketing helps bring them back to complete the deal.

The software integrates seamlessly with other platforms, including Facebook, Active Campaign and Drip to name a few, helping users to get more results with less work.

ClickFunnels has a 14-day free trial that allows users to take the software for a test drive and see if it’s for them. After the 14 days are up, they can sign up for one of the two subscription plans which are priced at $97 and $297, respectively.

The main difference between the two plans is the number of sales funnels and landing pages a user can create each month. The cheaper plan is limited, while the more expensive option comes with unlimited pages and funnels.

Tool #2 – Instapage


Description From The Developer: Instapage’s enterprise solution empowers teams and agencies to turn more clicks into conversions through the creation, personalization, and optimization of post-click experiences at scale.

Our summary of the Product:

When it comes to building landing pages — whether for a sales funnel or website — there are several programs that users can choose from. Instapage stands out for many users, however, thanks to its easy-to-use platform and robust features that make it possible to create and publish pages in mere hours.




Instapage comes with several features that make it attractive to users, including a drag-and-drop builder that’s even more robust than that of other programs. There are no grids, so users can place elements exactly where they want them.

The widgets feature lets users customize the site with strategically placed elements such as call-to-action or a countdown timer, and they can edit the widgets to customize them adding effects and much more.

It’s possible to build from scratch, but those who don’t want to can choose from over 200 template options, broken down by category. Bigstock images are available, for an additional cost, and the photos are easy to insert.

“Instapage has become an important part to scaling our Google Ads campaigns. The ability to create, A/B test, optimize, and analyze the success of our landing pages has made our team smarter and faster. Now our designers can create an entire campaign without developer resources. Even more, the service we receive from our dedicated Customer Success Manager has made an enormous impact on our ability to meet our ROI goals.”

With collaboration tools, users can share and get feedback from other team members to improve the layouts to properly fit the company or brand.

Analytics is helpful in showing where the landing pages succeed and where they need improvement. Those who need more can get attribution data in detail by integrating their landing pages with Google Adwords and similar services.

Instapage offers a free 14-day trial so users can test the features for themselves and see if the software will work for them. After the 14 days, they will be billed for the plan they choose: Core or Enterprise.

Core costs $129 per month, but users can save $30 per month — or $360 per year — by paying annually. Enterprise solutions require a conversation with Instapage’s sales department.

Tool #3 – Unbounce


Description From The Developer: Unbounce’s landing page and conversion marketing platform allows marketers to quickly create, launch and test high-converting landing pages, popups, and sticky bars without developers.

Our summary of the Product:

Conversion rates are what many business owners struggle to improve, and oftentimes it’s the website that distracts potential customers from following through with sales.

Enter Unbounce, a landing page program solely focused on keeping customers from bouncing off the page. Instead, it drives them to complete the transaction.



Unbounce has a drag-and-drop editor that makes creating the most attractive and successful landing page quick and efficient. This, combined with over 100 available templates, gives users the ability to tailor pages to their needs.

Those looking to customize the page can put their coding skills to use with HTML, CSS or JavaScript. With Unsplash gallery, users can add hi-resolution photos, choosing from nearly 1 million stock photos.

Publishing is simple, too. Once the page is created to the user’s satisfaction, it can immediately be launched whether on a private domain or WordPress.

Plus, it integrates with several marketing tools to automate spreading the word with little work on the user’s part.


Unbounce offers three different plan tiers: Essential, Premium and Enterprise. The Essential package is $79 per month while the Premium is $159 per month.

The Enterprise plan starts at $399 but depends on the number of landing pages and other features the user needs. Annual payment plans are available at a 20% discount.

Plus, those interested in using Unbounce for their company or as a marketing tool for their agency can give it a try for 14 days free.

Tool #4 – 10 Minute Funnels


Description From The Developer: Launch a proven marketing campaign in as little as 10 minutes. Access pre-built marketing funnels that have already been proven to work.

Our summary of the Product:

Imagine creating and publishing a landing page in just a few minutes. With 10 Minute Funnels, it’s possible.

The intuitive software makes it easy to get up and running and a checklist makes sure users cover all the bases.



Upon getting started, users are given the opportunity to create different kinds of pages, including landing pages, sales funnels, evergreen content or webinars.

Walking through the steps is simple, and there are a wide variety of free plugins that can be added to the page to make it more versatile. Plus, there’s no need to do any extra coding to make it mobile-friendly, it already is.


There are two different pricing plans to choose from including Premium, which costs $97 per month and Enterprise which is $197 per month. The main difference between the two plans is the number of visitors, pages, funnels and custom domains.

Enterprise customers have an unlimited number while Premium users have set limits. Users can sign up for a 14-day trial for only $1 and get to try out the plans to see if 10 Minute Funnels can work for them.

Tool #5 – Leadpages


Description From The Developer: Leadpages helps small businesses connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales. Easily build websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond.

Our summary of the Product:

When it comes to driving sales, having a website is not enough. Business owners and marketing agencies serving clients need to ensure that the landing pages are designed to specifically capture sales.



Leadpages helps achieve goals with content that delivers in two areas: performance and showcasing the brand. While it does have a drag-and-drop building platform to help create attractive pages, the tool is so much more.

The conversion toolkit makes it possible to optimize the content that’s on the page. In turn, business owners see increased numbers of leads and converted sales.

This toolkit includes several features such as pop-ups, alert bars and the ability to create opt-in texts.

Because it’s important to know how the pages are performing, built-in analytics help decipher whether the pages are successful and identify areas where changes can improve performance.

“Right now, I use Leadpages for my pop-ups and landing pages—and for someone who has as much content as I do (and is doing it all on my own!) I need easy. And this is as easy as it gets!“
Sally Zimney (CEO – This Moved Me Productions)

Leadpages has a variety of optimized templates that are easy to configure. Connecting with potential customers is simple with the integrated Facebook Ad Builder that lets users launch a campaign and view its performance quickly and efficiently.

Leadpages users can opt for one of three plans: standard, pro or advanced. Prices start at $25 per month and go up to $321, depending on the plan and whether the customer pays monthly or annually.

There’s a free trial that lasts for 14 days, so users can get a taste for the features and make a final decision.

Tool #6 – OptimizePress


Description From The Developer: OptimizePress creates conversion-optimized landing pages, sales pages, blogs, & membership sites that increase leads & sales on your website. Capture leads and build a list of eager subscribers, build membership, and create high impact sales pages for marketing your products and services.

Our summary of the Product:

In order to draw in customers and convert their visits into sales, it’s important to make sure that the website is attractive and configured to do what you need it to.

With OptimizePress, it’s easier than ever to create pages that sell.

With over 300 templates spanning different types of landing pages including funnels, webinars, microsites and event pages, getting started is simple. Choose from several layouts and colors depending on the type of site you need.



The pages come with a wide variety of elements and styles users can add such as social media boxes. Draw the attention of prospective customers and invite them to sign up with the opt-in forms, increasing your conversion numbers.

Businesses who have a membership-only area will be able to incorporate this feature using OptimizePress. The membership plugin protects content, sharing it only with those who have permission.

Plus, with the ability to integrate PayPal and Stripe, taking payments is simplified.


With conversion stats, it’s easy to track the pages that are successful and scrap the ones that aren’t. Split A/B testing lets users compare two pages and pick the one that is driving more sales and conversions.

Customers of OptimizePress can choose between three plans including Core, Publisher and Pro. Each plan costs $97, $197 and $297, respectively and includes varying levels of features and support.

Tool #7 – Thrive Themes


Description From The Developer: Thrive Themes is the most advanced yet simple-to-use WordPress suite of website tools. Thrive Themes offers themes & plugins built from the ground up to make your entire website convert more of your visitors into subscribers, customers & clients.

Our summary of the Product:

When it comes to creating websites that sell, having everything you need at your fingertips is a no-brainer. Thrive Themes is an all-in-one WordPress solution that helps agencies, companies and individuals create the perfect solution, no matter what type of business they have.

Thrive Themes has several features including Themes, Leads, Architect, Ultimatum, Ovation, landing pages, widgets, optimizers, quiz builder and comments.



The themes are designed to load quickly and promote readability, and there are several to choose from. With Leads, companies can quickly compile an email list and create opt-in forms that expand the number of leads.

When you need to tweak the content on the theme page, Architect helps. With drag-and-drop capability, there’s no need to learn to code and you can tweak the layout and add content and buttons to make it more interactive.

The landing pages feature lets you craft the ideal page then take the work you’ve created and publish it seamlessly.

Draw user engagement with the widgets, where you can tailor what content users see and where. Optimize headlines to draw readers in and use the Optimize feature to test the key pages to see which ones drive the best results.

“It’s at the price point where it’s affordable for anybody, somebody just getting started, but it’s at the level of quality where it can scale with you and you can build a million dollar business off of it.”
Jeff Sauer (Founder of Jeffalytics)

With Ultimatum, it’s possible to add countdown timers, essentially giving customers limited time to act and Ovation is a plug-in that collects testimonials aimed at improving your business.

There are two levels of memberships: one for individuals and companies, and another for agencies and web designers. The Thrive membership for individuals and companies costs $30 per month paid quarterly, or $19 per month if you pay annually.

The agency membership costs $69 per month when paid quarterly, or $49 per month paid annually.

Tool #8 – Konnektive


Description From The Developer: Konnektive CRM was designed to automate and synchronize your entire business with the easiest, most intuitive user interface. Konnektive will gather and manage chargeback & fraud screening, call center & customer service, sales & order entry, shopping cart, merchant gateway & fulfillment data.

Our summary of the Product:

When it comes to CRM software, an all-in-one solution simplifies life for businesses. That’s why Konnektive brought their solution to the market.

With their program, there’s no need to sift through multiple systems to find data, it’s all located centrally in one easy-to-use platform. Plus, with the mobile interface, users can run their businesses from anywhere.



There’s no longer a need to be tied to a desk.

Konnektive has many features that help business owners and managers keep an eye on the company’s operations. It’s easy to connect and track customer service, sales entries, order fulfillment, shopping carts and even chargebacks.

Those looking to create landing pages and websites, even funnel pages or full eCommerce sites will find the tools they need with Konnektive.

Users can choose from standard or upgraded templates and use over 150 integrations to complete functionality and help drive sales. Once the site is designed, Konnektive has the tools — including payment merchants — to ensure companies can launch right away.



Automation is a huge function that Konnektive offers, as well. Users can automate sales, emails, customer contact, fulfillment and transactions.

There’s also only a single sign-on so there’s no need to remember multiple passwords. Of course, users don’t have to pay for all of these features — only the ones they use.

There is no pricing information available, but rather users can contact the company directly to get a call back from a salesperson.

Tool #9 – 1AutomationWiz


Description From The Developer: 1AutomationWiz is a web based, plug and play all in one shopping cart and online marketing system.

1AutomationWiz’s ecommerce software turns your web site, blog or social media channel into online sales machine that handles all of your ecommerce sales and marketing automatically.

1AutomationWiz’s shopping cart software tracks your affiliates sales, does split testing, creates sales funnels, and even delivers your digital products.

Our summary of the Product:

1AutomationWiz has several tools including email marketing, online marketing, shopping cart software and merchant accounts, combining a myriad of features that ecommerce business owners need to thrive.



The email marketing tools automate the process of creating lists and sending out campaigns. With autoresponder software, you’ll never have to worry about clients being ignored.

The online marketing tool suite makes it simple to create and launch sales funnels, deliver digital products and track ads, to name a few. A single control panel lets users stay on top of the results without bouncing between multiple platforms.

Shopping cart software is a must for anyone who is selling products or services. 1AutomationWiz has a plug-and-play setup that’s easy to install on any existing blog, social media channel or ecommerce website.

Those who need a merchant account can get one through the site with no hidden fees or out-of-pocket costs to get started.

“I’ve been a 1AutomationWiz client for over 16 years, and I would not use anything else! Want to know why? Three words: reliability, dependability, and simplicity. I highly recommend 1AutomationWiz to any business!”
John Di Lemme (Strategic Business Coach)

There are several pricing tiers for users to choose from including starter, basic and pro plans, but those looking for just email marketing can buy that separately as well.

There are no setup fees and customers who choose 1AutomationWiz aren’t obligated to sign a contract. They can quit anytime if the software is no longer meeting their needs.

Plans start at as low as $34 per month and go up to $129 per month. There’s also a free trial for 4 weeks so customers can take the time to explore the features before purchasing.

Tool #10 – Infusionsoft (Keap)


Description From The Developer: Infusionsoft automates your sales, marketing, and business processes exactly to your specifications. Be in the know on leads and client needs, standardize and automate your processes, and grow your business with online sales.

Our summary of the Product:

Capturing leads is one of the most effective ways to grow a business, and Infusionsoft by Keap helps business owners meet their goals. The CRM software automates several elements of the business process, including sales and marketing.



Users start with a template to build their landing page or sales funnel in an attempt to capture more reliable leads. The campaign builder feature makes it easy to react based on client actions or even timed triggers, depending on which measure the user chooses to implement.

Users can make sure different customer segments receive the right responses by adding the appropriate tags.

Users can also create a fully functional ecommerce website that’s set up to respond to customers or clients when they pay, keeping them abreast of the next steps.

More than just a landing page software, Infusionsoft helps users stay on top of tasks as well. The software tracks appointments, daily to-do lists and what’s next to keep business owners properly organized.



Keap offers three different payment plans: Grow, Pro and Infusionsoft, which cost $79, $149 and $199 per month, respectively to start.

They do offer 50% off the first three months and a free trial so users can test drive the features. There’s also a demo option for those who want to see it in action before signing up.