Healthcare Marketing Tools

Tool #1 – Google’s G Suite

Description From The Developer: G Suite is perfectly suited for digital marketing strategy. Customers who are subject to HIPAA and wish to use G Suite with PHI must sign a Business Associate Addendum (BAA) to their G Suite Agreement with Google. Google Cloud Identity customers who are subject to HIPAA and wish to use the services with PHI must sign a BAA to their Cloud Identity Agreement with Google.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Google is one of the most popular platforms for businesses, for many reasons. It’s versatile and its uses are numerous. This is why many professionals in the healthcare industry choose to use it to communicate with doctors, nurses, administrators and patients. What makes it even more versatile in the healthcare industry is the fact that its HIPAA compliant.

Most of Google’s suite products, such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Tasks, Keep and Sites, are approved for use with PHI, or protected health information. Gmail makes it easy to communicate with other healthcare professionals via email, while Calendar makes an excellent tracking organizer for upcoming appointments, seminars and events. Drive is a versatile solution for storing important documents — including Sheets and Docs — as well as forms and paperwork for patients to fill out. Since it’s accessible anywhere, there’s no need to worry about misplacing specific forms, they can easily be retrieved.

It’s important to note that Google Suites isn’t immediately ready for businesses that need to maintain HIPAA compliance. Customers must sign a specific form — a Business Associate Addendum, or BAA, before they can start using it for matters dealing with PHI. Customers will need a separate form if they’re looking to use both Google Suites and Google Cloud. Certain Google services, notably YouTube, Google Photos and Blogger, are not HIPAA compliant and must be disabled.

Most of Google’s Suite products are free to use, though some are available for upgrades for a nominal fee. For example, Gmail can be integrated into a specific domain for a fee per user and Drive can be expanded to include more space for an added annual fee.

Tool #2 – Office365

Description From The Developer: Microsoft Connections allows its users to create Mailchimp-like email marketing campaigns. Microsoft Invoicing is a new tool for creating invoices and estimates. Microsoft Listings allows you to manage your business listings on Facebook, Google, Bing and Yelp and monitor online views and reviews

Our summary Of The Tool:

Office365 comes with a myriad of benefits for its users. It’s built on the Microsoft platform, so it comes with built-in reliability, which makes it beneficial for multiple industries, including medical and healthcare professions.

For businesses, tools like Connections, Invoicing and Listings make it easy to streamline marketing and customer interactions. Connections is great for creating email marketing campaigns, which helps reach customers quickly and efficiently, and it’s similar to MailChimp. Invoicing helps not only create invoices and estimates but also makes it possible to track them. Finally, Microsoft Listings streamlines the different listings that exist for healthcare professionals on search engines such as Google, Yelp, Facebook and Bing. Users can also monitor their online reviews and see how many people have been viewing the listings.

Microsoft takes HIPAA protections very seriously, and as such has a guide for users to follow in order to ensure that all of the information is safeguarded. Implementing specific controls helps limit what information is shared, and with whom.

Microsoft Office365 comes with various subscription plans, for both small businesses and enterprises. The per-month fee depends on the type of service you subscribe to and how many users you add. There is an annual commitment required, but for the E3 and E5 levels, you can take the software for a test drive to make sure it fits the need of the clinic or healthcare facility prior to committing.

Tool #3 – Keap


Description From The Developer: All-in-one CRM, sales, & marketing automation software.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Gaining leads and interacting with customers isn’t just for ecommerce businesses. Healthcare professionals have a growing need for marketing as well, especially in a field that can be heavily saturated. With Keap, clinics, hospitals and physician offices can not only reach out to secure new customers, but they can also improve the relations they have with current patients.

There are several features within Keap that can help healthcare professionals maintain good relationships with their existing clientele while simultaneously growing their business. The campaign builder, for example, makes it easy to automate sales and marketing, which can help gain leads on patients who might need the specific services a facility offers. Additionally, with the automated follow-up feature, there’s more customer satisfaction as their questions and inquiries no longer go unanswered. All of the interaction is conveniently stored in a single location, so referencing past conversations and interactions is simplified.

Keap comes with a free trial and up to 50% off the first 3 months. There are three levels of subscriptions, including Grow, Pro and Infusionsoft. Each level offers additional features, and there’s a one-time setup fee for all accounts. The plans are as follows: Grow costs $59 per month, Pro is $149 per month and Infusionsoft is $199 per month.

Keap customers who use the software for protected health information, or PHI, need to ensure they configure the account properly. To do this, it’s as easy as going to the HIPAA Security Controls section. Once they enable these controls, they’ll need to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). While most of Keap’s features are HIPAA-compliant with this agreement on file, CustomerHub and GroSocial are two that are not, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

Tool #4 – SalesForce

Description From The Developer: One integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer.

Our summary Of The Tool:

SalesForce is a CRM platform that makes it easy for multiple departments to access information, streamlining everything into one easy-to-use software program.

Teams having access to a shared customer in a medical setting means pertinent information gets passed on quickly and more efficiently. Plus, users can automate redundant tasks along with the admin work and make better use of their time.

Changing the way the facility markets to clients and prospective patients is possible with the ability to create engaging marketing campaigns. By gathering important data and creating targeted or personalized messaging, health professionals can draw in new patients.

There’s nothing worse than a patient trying to reach out and failing to connect. With SalesForce, users can create a better experience for their customers by unifying different types of support including phone, email and social media. This helps with improved response times and fosters a better relationship. Plus, SalesForce makes it easy to create and build apps with a set of ready-made components that take the hard work out of it.

SalesForce works with companies who have to manage protected health information. Users simply contact their account representative and ask to include a Business Associate Addendum to their account. The company has Salesforce Shield capabilities, which lets users implement access control, event monitoring and even platform encryption to ensure the records remain HIPAA compliant.

Interested users must contact the company to receive a demo and to speak to an account representative who can go over their specific needs.

Tool #5 – Clinical Contact

Description From The Developer: Mobile Marketing & Social Media Markating. Data is 100% secure, HIPAA compliant SSL servers.

Our summary Of The Tool:

One thing that every healthcare facility, whether it’s a doctor’s office or specialty practice, needs to do is grow its business. The best way to do that is to streamline important tasks and know how to reach and retain patients. Clinical Contact helps combine these tasks so you can focus on what’s important — providing top-notch healthcare services. Because it’s designed for those in the healthcare profession, Clinical Contact has built-in HIPAA compliance.

The four main features that Clinical Contact offers are mobile marketing, social media integration, email marketing and voice broadcasting. With mobile marketing, it’s possible to send text messages to patients in SMS or MMS formats. The text messages can be for lead generation, appointment reminders and even mobile coupons. It’s a quick way to reach most patients.

Email marketing is especially helpful because it makes it possible to set up emails in advance to be sent at a later date, to specific people that can be defined by different factors such as their area code. Most people are on social media these days, so if you’re not, you’re missing out. Reaching new and existing patients is possible with this feature. Create Facebook fan page forms or website sign-up pages to collect information and build up leads.

Voice broadcasting lets professionals reach patients with a personal touch in digital media. The messages can then be sent to patients quickly and with far-reaching results.

Clinical Contact has two plans: Gold and Elite, which cost $97 and $197 per month, respectively. The difference between the two plans is the number of employees that have access as well as the number of text credits and keywords the account offers. There are no annual commitments so users can feel free to try out the program for a month and cancel if it doesn’t meet their needs.

Tool #6 – LuxSci Spotlight Mailer

Description From The Developer: All-in-one Email Marketing Service.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Email marketing is effective for many reasons. It lets healthcare professionals reach their current and prospective patients with the click of a button. Messages can be tailored to specific audiences and can even include ePHI, or electronic protected health information, with a Business Associate Agreement on file. LuxSci Spotlight Mailer is one such program that streamlines marketing for those in the medical industry.

Designed with HIPAA compliance in mind, LuxSci takes security to the highest levels, requiring its professionals to have a Business Associate Agreement on file, but the benefits are numerous.

The service is ideal for sending millions of emails a month, and the user can include medical information thanks to the high level of email encryption. Plus, they can limit access controls and track who logs in in the event of a breach or simply to monitor who’s using the program.

The service makes it easy to manage contact lists and use extensive analytics to make sure that marketing campaigns are effective.

LuxSci offers three different service plans including Small, Custom and Enterprise Custom. Prices start at $50 per month and go up to over $1000, depending on the types of services and the capacity the user needs.

Tool #7 – GoToMeeting

Description From The Developer: GoToMeeting is a web-hosted service created and marketed by LogMeIn. It is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software that enables the user to meet with other computer users, customers, clients or colleagues via the internet in real time.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Collaborations between healthcare professionals are an everyday occurrence, whether you’re in the same state or across the world. The ability to teleconference is relatively new but extremely beneficial. GoToMeeting makes it possible to create and host meetings for 1 or 1,000 participants.

GoToMeeting is ideal for any device, including desktop PCs or Mac computers and mobile devices. It can be used for one-on-one meetings, team collaborations and even webinars when users sign up for the enterprise plan. It has a host of built-in features such as the ability to track analytics including metrics for each user, automated provisioning and an admin center that contains access controls.

Those who are on the go can benefit from the commuter mode and can start meetings simply by asking Siri with the voice commands feature. The Office 365 plugin makes it possible to schedule, manage and join meetings all through the calendar.

For medical professionals who have to have a video conference, whether it’s a virtual appointment with a patient or a meeting with another specialist, privacy can be a concern. GoToMeeting supports HIPAA compliance using the HIPAA Security Standards, which are fully explained on the company’s website.

Those interested in signing up for GoToMeeting will find four plans to choose from, starting as low as $14 per month. Annual users can save up to 20% by paying for the year in advance. All users can get a 14-day free trial to test out the software and see if it’ll work for their needs.

Tool #8 – Really Simple Systems

Description From The Developer: Simple CRM Software for Small Businesses

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to reaching new customers and keeping existing ones happy, businesses — even those in the healthcare industry — have to implement efficient processes. Really Simple Systems can help achieve all these goals and then some.

Really Simple Systems works to combine the sales, marketing and service features that improve every healthcare professional’s overall efficiency and customer satisfaction levels. The sales feature makes it easy to track all interactions so no information slips through the cracks. Users can manage their contacts and their sales pipeline, as well as their tasks, events and calendars in a single dashboard.

With the marketing feature, managing campaigns is simple. Here, Really Simple Systems combines several functions including lead and campaign management, marketing automation and email marketing. Plus, users can view the analytics and return on investment (ROI) to ensure the campaigns are successful. Service functions include case reports, service-level agreements and case management to ensure all customer needs are being met.

With so much emphasis on PHI, it’s only natural for medical professionals to be concerned with HIPAA compliance. For that reason, Really Simple Systems offers the Business Associate Agreement for Enterprise plan users.

There are four different plans that Really Simple Systems offers: Free, Starter, Professional and Enterprise. The Starter account begins at $14 per month, while the Professional and Enterprise begin at $30 and $46 per month, respectively. The company also offers add-ons for marketing and service with an additional monthly fee. Really Simple Systems users can try the Professional plan out for no cost with the free trial, or they can request a demo.

Tool #9 – Pega

Description From The Developer: Pega’s Customer Process Manager (CPM) is built on our core BPM capabilities, and is also available with industry-specific models, processes and interfaces for financial services, healthcare, and insurance.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to tracking customer service and engagement, as well as implementing automation, healthcare professionals have to choose a service that not only serves their needs but also offers the all-important HIPAA compliance. Enter Pega, a CPM service that has specific models, interfaces and processes for the healthcare industry.

The software is designed for different facets of the industry, including healthcare payers and providers, pharmacy benefit managers, government healthcare and life sciences. The features differ between the aspects, but one of the most common is implementing customer service benchmarks. With Pega Robotic Desktop Automation, employees can streamline the work process and improve the customer experience.

Pega has a customer service technology that aims to improve personalized care and with the AI-driven decision hub, guidance is right at the user’s fingertips. The best part is, the guidance is based on the individual, not on generalizations, resulting in a more personal experience.

While Pega does not have a HIPAA certification on file, they do have an assessment from an unbiased company that states the Pega Cloud meets all of the requirements to be considered HIPAA compliant.

Pega does not have any pricing information on their website, but they do offer trials and demos. Interested users should contact the company to express their interest and to get started.

Tool #10 – Patient Gain

Description From The Developer: Intelligent Medical Marketing Automation

Our summary Of The Tool:

Even healthcare professionals have to market in order to draw in clients, but it can be tough when facing down the competition. PatientGain is a marketing software for doctors, surgeons and others in the healthcare industry. It recognizes that the future of patient interaction is online and helps create powerful marketing campaigns that drive more patients through the door.

PatientGain helps with multiple facets of online marketing including Google, Facebook, Instagram and email campaigns. The main purpose is to increase patient acquisition levels through engagement, which then increase patient revenue. The software can also help with reputation management, showing prospective patients how the user’s practice stands out above the rest.

There are multiple applications that can prove beneficial to users from scheduling apps to informational elements that educate users on how to market online. Best of all, the software is HIPAA compliant, so using it to store, send and receive PHI is worry-free.

PatientGain has several pricing tiers including Gold and Gold plus, which cost $499 and $599 per month, respectively and Platinum and Platinum plus, which cost $999 and $1499 per month, or a custom option which starts at $2000 per month. Users can also sign up for the social media bundle at a cost of $299 per month.

Tool #11 – ActiveCampaign

Description From The Developer: Email Marketing. Marketing Automation. Sales CRM. Messaging.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to marketing, healthcare professionals have to be on top of their game, lest they run the risk of losing patients to the competition. ActiveCampaign helps streamline and automate many processes to improve the overall customer experience and keep patients coming back.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach prospective and current patients. Use ActiveCampaign’s software to create dynamic campaigns that include newsletters, informative articles and more. Segmentation makes it possible to tailor campaigns to specific contacts for that added personal touch.

Marketing automation takes care of the pesky details that are minor but time-consuming. Trigger emails or offers website responses based on customer actions. With Smart CRM, it’s possible to increase leads and revenue. Finally, website messaging keeps customers engaged, offering suggestions or products, and even asking for feedback with accurate timing.

For those who plan to use ActiveCampaign to send and communicate PHI, they can rest assured that the company takes great strides to remain HIPAA compliant, even going above and beyond required guidelines.

ActiveCampaign has several pricing tiers, but the monthly subscription fee depends on how many contacts the user has. For 500 contacts, prices range from $9 to $229 per month, when paid yearly. From there, the prices increase and those who have over 100,000 contacts should reach out to the company for pricing information. ActiveCampaign also has a free trial for those who want to try out the software before they buy. There’s no credit card required, simply enter an email address to get started.

Tool #12 – Paubox

Description From The Developer: HITRUST CSF certified solutions designed to fully protect email. Helps to make transactional Email HIPAA сompliant

Our summary Of The Tool:

Email communication is a quick and efficient way to keep in touch with patients, but for healthcare professionals, one wrong step can garner thousands of dollars in fines. This is why it’s important to safeguard emails with software that’s designed for HIPAA compliance.

Paubox is security personified, and it’s easy to use. Its Encrypted Email service is designed to cut down on the amount of paperwork that’s sent and received. With 0-step encryption, invoices, prescriptions and notifications of health services and results can be sent worry-free. It integrates with several platforms including mobile devices and smartwatches to provide a solution that fits every type of business.

Paubox also works with transactional emails, those aimed at notifying customers of medication reminders, receipts, updates and more. With the email API, viewing these messages is secure. Plus this service can also be used with patient portals and contact forms on websites to ensure the information is protected.

Paubox offers two different pricing tiers for its services. For HIPAA compliant email, the monthly subscription starts at $10 per user. Larger organizations are invited to contact the sales department to discuss their needs. For a secure email API, prices start at $100 for up to 10,000 messages per month and increase as the number of messages goes up. Both of these services come with a 14-day free trial so users can test drive the solutions and see if they’re efficient for their needs.

Tool #13 – Virtru

Description From The Developer: HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption for Gmail and Outlook

Our summary Of The Tool:

Technology is ever increasing and long-reaching, so it’s only natural that it’s becoming commonplace in the medical industry. However, with concerns about hacking and data breaches, it’s only natural to want to upgrade security. Virtru not only helps secure protected health information (PHI), but it’s also HIPAA compliant, making it an ideal solution for healthcare professionals.

Virtru works with several platforms including Office 365, Outlook, Google Drive and Gmail. It’s easy to implement with end-to-end encryption that provides optimal security whether users are reading, responding or searching through emails. Users can also see who has read the emails and content, as well as who has forwarded it. They also have controls that let them define who has access to sensitive content.

Compliance is important, and for that reason Virtru has implemented a Data Protection Gateway that detects files and emails that are sent from multiple device types. It works to protect them and, with the Data Loss Prevention service, all emails and attachments are scanned to determine whether they contain sensitive data. Those that do will be encrypted and have specific access control policies applied.

Virtru does not list prices on its website, though users are invited to get a demo to test drive the software and see how it works. There are also guides available for download so users can research the service and learn more about it.


Tool #14 – Luma Health

Description From The Developer: We make smart, simple, and intuitive technology that streamlines the entire patient journey. From intelligent scheduling, referral management, patient feedback and intake – Luma Health has you covered.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Adapting to modern technology is a must for healthcare professionals, and that means improving patient communication and access as well. Luma Health is a solution that not only helps medical professionals stay on top of a patient’s health, but also improve business results.

Luma Health comes with a host of features that improve a healthcare office’s flow without needing extra work from the existing staff. Its smart scheduling feature makes it easy for patients to find a slot that works for them, eliminating the need for the office staff to do all of the scheduling. Plus, patients can reschedule, confirm and even add their names to a waitlist. Actionable reminders such as text messages to confirm appointments reduce cancellations and no-shows.

Mobile patient intake reduces the amount of time a patient spends filling out paperwork. They can fill it out online and the information is then securely logged in the facility’s platform. This mobile service can also validate insurance, get the proper authorizations, get a complete patient history and even help monitor those with chronic conditions.

When it comes to aftercare, it can be difficult to keep up with a full roster of patients. With Luma Health’s patient communication feature, automated chat messages can check in on patients and give actionable medical advice if it’s needed. All communications are HIPAA-compliant, giving both patients and healthcare professionals peace of mind.

Currently, there is no pricing information available on Luma Health’s website, but interested users are invited to contact the company for a demo to see if the service can be put to use in their facilities or offices.

Tool #15 – SimplePractice

Description From The Developer: SimplePractice is a top-reviewed practice management platform, made for small business owners in the health & wellness space. Known for its clean interface, SimplePractice’s industry-leading feature set includes a fully paperless intake process, custom notes & forms, free appointment reminders (SMS, email, & voice), mobile app, e-claim filing, a beautiful client portal, billing & invoicing, and our newest feature: Telehealth! See your clients over HIPAA-compliant video – anytime, anywhere!

Our summary Of The Tool:

Streamlining, where possible, is a must for busy healthcare practices. Drowning in paperwork can lead to disorganization and costly errors. Enter SimplePractice, a platform designed specifically for the healthcare industry. It’s an all-in-one solution that keeps important information centralized and at your fingertips.

Paperwork is easily misplaced, but with SimplePractice, offices can adopt a mostly paper-free environment. Instead of having patients fill out forms in the office, they can do it online to save time and effort. The information is then saved in the platform, reducing the possibility of data entry errors.

With SimplePractice, practitioners can also improve upon communications with the client portal. Here, they can even host video appointments for patients who are unable to make it into the office. Plus, they can file insurance claims and take credit cards, thus increasing revenue.

Scheduling is one of the most hectic parts of any practice, and SimplePractice aims to cut down on the amount of time office staff has to spend scheduling and rescheduling. Clinicians simply set their schedule and patients can pick a time that fits their availability. With the ability to sync the portal schedule with Google calendar, doctors and healthcare professionals are never out of the loop.

SimplePractice has three subscription plans available including Essential, Professional and Professional for Groups. Essential starts at $39 per month, while Professional and Professional for Groups both start at $49 per month. The only difference is that Professional for Groups has an additional monthly fee of $29 for each additional clinician that’s added on. Additional services include the ability to schedule video appointments at a cost of only $10 per clinician. All three tiers come with a 30-day, no-obligation trial.

Tool #16 – WELL

Description From The Developer:

WELL is the leading patient communication platform for enterprise healthcare systems. From simple appointment reminders to advanced automations, WELL integrates in real-time with your EMR and maximizes the value of best-in-class vendors.

WELL customers have seen decreases in no-shows, lower wait times, and higher portal enrollment. Staff and customers alike love the intuitive interface, and healthcare managers love the increased efficiency and patient satisfaction WELL provides.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Patient communication is a big factor for healthcare professionals when it comes to satisfaction and customer retention. Unsatisfied customers are likely to find another doctor or specialist to help with their needs but WELL can help stop this trend in its tracks.

With WELL, practitioners and their staff have a single platform that controls all of the features, eliminating the need to log into multiple systems. Everything is visible on one interface, and the workflow is 100% configurable. Users can set up different protocols depending on the type of service or even by location if they have multiple offices.

Personalized messages make it easy to tailor the voice and choose between several different delivery methods such as voice, live chat, email or text messages. The messages can be set up to send appointment reminders, educate patients, send out surveys and even communicate lab results or medication recalls. The communications are secure and have built-in HIPAA compliance.

In order to get started and to gain access to pricing information, interested users need to contact the company and speak to one of the communication consultants. They get access to a demo and have their questions answered to determine if WELL is a good fit for their practice needs.

Tool #17 – TigerText Essentials


Description From The Developer: TigerText provides secure, mobile, real-time messaging solutions for healthcare providers to communicate with their employees.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Today’s society mandates electronic communication, and TigerText Essentials can help healthcare professionals keep in touch with their patients securely, whether it’s reminding about an appointment or sending PHI.

There are several key features that TigerText Essentials offers its users. In addition to sending secure messages that have end-to-end encryption designed to protect PHI, there’s also delivery confirmation that lets users know when the messages have been sent, delivered and read. There’s also a “typing” feature that displays when the recipient is responding.

One of the benefits of TigerText Essentials is the fact that it has priority messaging that users can flag as top priority. Instead of mixing in with other messages that are sorted by time received, priority messages sit at the top of the recipient’s inbox. They also come with a distinguishable audio alert.

Mistakes happen, and sometimes the wrong information is sent to the wrong person. To help with this, TigerText has what’s called message recall. Users can retract them whether they’ve been read or not, delete any attachments permanently and even remove traces of a conversation, as if it never happened.

For medical professionals who consult with a team, the group messaging feature makes it possible to securely share information and collaborate on a case. It’s quick and efficient and allows a group of users to tell which team members have read the messages and when.

For pricing on TigerText Essentials, users should contact the company to schedule a demo and talk about their specific needs.

Tool #18 – TigerFlow

Description From The Developer: As healthcare’s largest provider of clinical communication solutions, TigerConnect, formerly TigerText, helps physicians, nurses, and other staff communicate and collaborate more effectively, accelerating productivity, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes. Trusted by more than 4,000 healthcare organizations, TigerConnect maintains 99.99% uptime and processes over 10 million messages each day. Its category-leading product innovations and advanced integrations with critical hospital systems deliver high value for hospitals and large health systems.

The company’s commitment to client success is reflected in its broad support organization that works directly with clients at every stage to streamline communication workflows and achieve the highest possible ROI.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Patient communications come in throughout the day and it can create a hectic environment for staff in a healthcare facility. TigerFlow helps cut down on these communication hiccups by streamlining the entire process.

Each feature is designed to make a healthcare office more efficient. Role-based messaging, for example, makes it easy to direct calls and messages to the appropriate staff right at the beginning of the call instead of placing patients on hold. Administrators can assign roles to employees who then sign into the role at the beginning of their shift. The dynamic calendar feature makes it easy to schedule employees to their roles up to a month in advance and it completely integrates with an existing scheduling system.

Within the software, users can use the click-to-call function to initiate a phone call and also mask the phone number to implement privacy. The priority messaging puts messages from the user at the top of the recipient’s list until it’s read.

Paging alerts on TigerFlow send alerts directly to the TigerConnect account, including those sent by answering services, making it possible to contact customers sooner than before.

With TigerFlow, users can access the platform either on desktop or mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Users can also sign up for premium support services that provide answers to technical questions within an hour.

Those interested in getting started with TigerFlow should contact the company directly to take the system for a test drive and determine if it works for them.

Tool #19 – VSee

Description From The Developer: Specifically designed for the healthcare user simple, secure video, text chat, document-sharing, peripheral streaming, & more!

Our summary Of The Tool:

Over the past several years, the face of medicine has changed significantly, even to the point where now doctors are seeing patients over video rather than in the office. VSee is a software that makes it possible for doctors to practice what’s known as telehealth.

With VSee messenger, doctors and patients, as well as other practitioners can have a discussion or appointment without the patient ever having to set foot in the doctor’s office. The software can be configured to work with any platform and to incorporate the features that matter most to the user’s practice. Developers can create apps or have VSee do it for them.

With HIPAA compliance in place, doctors and patients can rest assured that the information communicated is secure.

VSee offers two different pricing tiers, one for individuals and one for practices. Individuals have a choice between the free plan or the plus, which costs $49 per month. Practices can choose between standard at $199 per month, per provider, or advanced which costs $499 per provider per month. For practices, there is a one-time setup fee involved that’s not included in the above prices.

Tool #20 – OnCall Health

Description From The Developer: Cloud-based virtual care solution for healthcare organizations. White labeled HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR compliant 1-1 and group video, instant messaging, and practice automation tool. Available on any device or browser. EMR integrations and custom analytics. Configure OnCall to make it feel like your own. Don’t change your existing workflow and launch virtual care at scale. No hardware needed and available for solo practitioners.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Healthcare practices that go above and beyond tend to have a higher patient retention record. OnCall Health can help Canada’s practices streamline efficiency and enhance the patient’s experience, so they stick around.

With OnCall Health, facilities can offer several different types of services included online video appointments where patients can be seen without going to a physical office. Online booking helps cut down on the busy phone lines while file sharing and paperless intake services make it simple to record and share patient info without a mound of paperwork that can easily be misplaced.

Automated services can also help cut down on the staff’s workload. Users can automate functions such as appointment reminders, payment processing, scheduling and even consent forms.

OnCall Health works for enterprises, too, offering advanced features such as the ability to expand operations, customize branding and track key performance metrics.

Because PHI is important to safeguard, OnCall Health meets all PIPEDA, GDPR and HIPAA compliance guidelines.

There are three plans to choose from: Basic, Premium and Enterprise. Each level comes with one-on-one training and technical support at all times. Interested parties should contact the company to get started and for pricing information.

Tool #21 – Qliq Secure Texting

Description From The Developer: QliqSOFT is THE Clinical Success Solution, with mobile apps for secure texting, clinical collaboration, on call scheduling, document scan and sign, and pager replacement. Our HIPAA compliant platform gives healthcare providers rapid and convenient ways to reach each other and exchange patient information and status.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Contacting patients and sharing information among medical professionals is something that every healthcare agency deals with on a daily basis. Qliq Secure Texting makes it easy to communicate using today’s technology. Best of all, it’s HIPAA compliant, so users know their communications are secure.

Qliq Secure Texting comes with several different features. On-call scheduling and notifications help users see which physician or specialist is available at any given time, in any department, and message them quickly and efficiently. With image and document sharing, doctors can collaborate with other physicians or patients even while on the go.

The escalated notifications feature sends an alert when messages are sent in the app, and customized quick messages make responding a breeze. Users can set their status to online, do not disturb or away to show their availability. With group and broadcast messaging, users can send messages, documents and images to several people at once, which is helpful when collaborating on a case.

Qliq Secure Texting works on both desktop and mobile devices that operate on Windows, Mac or Android operating systems. Users need to request a demo or speak to a sales representative to implement Qliq Secure Texting as part of their business operations.

Tool #22 – Doc Halo

Description From The Developer: Doc Halo provides secure texting and messaging for your healthcare organization that is HIPAA-compliant.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Communications is a huge part of the healthcare industry whether it’s a doctor consulting with a specialist on a case or notifying a patient of important lab results. Doc Halo helps streamline the communications process for all levels of a healthcare facility from the nurses and intake staff to the IT administrators who ensure the facility’s framework is secure.

Doc Halo is a unified platform that combines several functions, helping to ease the workload of a healthcare facility. It benefits both patients and doctors by eliminating the time spent waiting on results or a consult. With on-call schedule management, it’s easy to see at a glance who’s on the schedule and therefore, the one to reach out to. This, in turn, speeds up response time. Users can choose between voice and text messaging, though Foundation Plus is needed for VoIP calls. All messages are encrypted, adhering to HIPAA guidelines, therefore protecting PHI.

IT administrators can integrate Doc Halo with multiple systems, making it a universal platform for healthcare professionals.

To get started, users simply need to reach out to the sales team and request a demo to see how the software can work for them.

Tool #23 – Imprivata Cortext

Description From The Developer: Imprivata Cortext is a communications platform for healthcare that enables organizations to replace pagers and improve care coordination, inside and outside the hospital, and enables clinicians to securely collaborate across care teams and organizations.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Imprivata Cortext seeks to improve communications in the healthcare industry by streamlining the way medical professionals collaborate. It’s available for both desktops and mobile devices and its aim is to eliminate the need for pagers, pushing the industry into today’s technological society.

With the enterprise single sign-on, there’s no need to enter login information multiple times. Instead, clinicians have no-click access to patient information that’s secure. They can reach this information anywhere, and use it to create a positive patient identification by creating a biometric patient ID.

Additionally, Imprivata Cortext works well with medical professionals whether they’re in the same practice or spread across multiple clinics or hospitals. It helps to replace inefficient technology — such as pagers — and improve response times and collaborative efforts.

Imprivata Cortext also works to improve the clinical workflow process by eliminating access issues while still safeguarding patient privacy through HIPAA compliance.

Users who are interested in getting started should contact support and see which solutions are best for their practice.

Tool #24 – Klara

Description From The Developer: The Klara messaging app is a simple way to communicate in the healthcare industry.

Our summary Of The Tool:

With patient communication being a large part of the healthcare industry, it’s only natural that doctors, nurses and administrators make the effort to streamline contact. Klara is a comprehensive platform that comes with a variety of features that help medical professionals grow their business while saving their staff valuable time.

Klara is 100% HIPAA compliant, so users know their messages are secure. The platform works on several devices including mobile and desktop setups. Users can download the app for on-the-go use, but it’s not required as it’s cloud-based, making it accessible anywhere, anytime. To keep it simple, there’s no need to log in with a username or password, and users can opt to receive push and text notifications.

With smart patient access, users can integrate intelligent voicemail and work to obtain new patients using a messenger on their website. Plus, they can make the clinic’s number a textable one, making it easier for patients to reach someone.

Automating messages makes it simple to send out adequately timed responses and even attach forms for patients to fill out online. Workflow optimization makes it possible to streamline the team and maintain documentation of all conversations, whether it’s peer-to-peer or to the whole team. Plus, with the Klara Network, users can chat with other users and even share information with approved parties including lawyers, pharmacies and other practices.

Those interested in using Klara should reach out to the company to learn all about its features and pricing information.

Tool #25 – Spok

Description From The Developer: Spok provides a secure texting app for smartphones and tablets for hospitals and healthcare organizations that is HIPAA-compliant, improves the efficiency and quality of communication among your physicians, nurses, and staff, and helps set up your hospital to deliver safer, better care. Spok allows key hospital staff members to access private health information and conduct secure consultations from their personal mobile device.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Mobile devices are a staple in today’s society, and they’ve made life a lot simpler for many people, even those in the healthcare industry. Doctors, nurses, administrators and staff who want to implement this technology need to ensure they follow strict HIPAA guidelines. With Spok, they can engage smartphone texting, encrypted paging and more.

Spok is more than just an encryption tool. It helps to secure information, but it also makes it possible for users to collaborate in ways that they never could before. Instead of just standard text messaging, doctors, nurses and staff can use Spok to upload videos, images and even receive secure codes.

Built-in features that are especially useful include on-call schedules and a staff directory. Clinicians can browse the directory and get the information they need quickly, which is especially helpful in cases where they’re trying to beat the clock. With on-call schedules, it’s easy for doctors and nurses to know who is on-call for a specific department, reducing the response time.

Spok also makes it possible for clinicians to monitor patient vitals, such as their ventilators and heart monitors, and receive notifications when changes occur. This allows them to provide better care for patients, and increase retention rates.

Getting started with Spok requires a call to the sales team.

Tool #26 – MatrixCare Secure Mobile Messaging

Description From The Developer: MatrixCare Secure Mobile Messaging, powered by Cortext, provides a HIPAA-secure and encrypted text messaging solution for both iOS and Android devices, as well as a web portal and a native Windows desktop application which offers all of the functionality of the mobile app.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Communication is a must for all healthcare professionals. The problem is, patients want their medical team to be on the same page as they are technologically. Enter MatrixCare Secure Mobile Messaging.

This text messaging service is powered by Cortext and is designed especially for the healthcare industry. It works on Android and iOS systems, as well as on desktops, and it comes with a web portal that can be accessed anywhere.

The major benefits of MatrixCare Secure Mobile Messaging include faster response times, increased provider productivity and enhanced quality of care, all of which adhere to HIPAA guidelines.

To use the messaging system users can easily set up an account and begin communicating immediately. It’s nestled on a single device, eliminating the need to carry around a phone, tablet and computer. Instead, users can send and receive messages around the clock, and even attach videos or pictures for collaboration purposes.

Access controls prevent unauthorized users from viewing any information, and permissions are easily controlled with the administrative function. Here, admins can add users and establish security protocols for the team members to follow.

Those interested in signing up for MatrixCare Secure Mobile Messaging should request a demo and speak to a sales representative to get started.

Tool #27 – OhMD

Description From The Developer: OhMD is the a HIPAA secure messaging app that allows any healthcare professional to send secure messages to both patients and other providers in the same place.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Reaching patients can prove to be a futile effort when healthcare professionals stick to a landline or attempt to reach out via email. OhMD is a messaging app that’s looking to change the face of patient communication along with the way doctors and those in the medical industry interact with each other.

Doctors who struggle to reach their patients may find that OhMD is the solution. It requires an app download for the user, but not for the end receiver. This means patients never have to download anything to engage in communication with their medical team. Text messaging gives patients a quick way to reach their doctor or specialist and gives the medical professional the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction. Both parties can send each other files and messages, knowing that the information is secure, as the app meets all HIPAA compliance guidelines.

OhMD isn’t just for patients. Doctors can use it to collaborate with other healthcare professionals around the world. They can share information such as x-rays, patient files and come up with solutions and treatment plans quicker than ever before.

OhMD has several plans available, including the Basic plan which is available at no cost. Plus plans start at $7 per user, per month while Reach plans require a consult with a sales expert.

Tool #28 – pMD Secure Messaging

Description From The Developer: pMD Secure messaging app improves everything about your HIPAA-compliant texting with your colleagues. It’s free, totally user-friendly, and lets you chat in real time about sensitive patient info even with colleagues who are part of different organizations.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Security is a major concern with healthcare professionals, but so is staying up-to-date with technology. With pMD Secure Messaging, doctors, clinicians and staff can have the best of both worlds.

pMD Secure Messaging is an app designed for medical professionals to chat with each other over a secure system that meets all HIPAA compliance guidelines. They can text back and forth with other doctors in the practice or even with specialists across the nation or globe for a consult.

However, this app is about more than just texting, it delivers all messages in real-time, even those that contain large files such as x-ray images or videos of a procedure. Upon signing up, users automatically join a care community, and pMD Secure Messaging ensures they have immediate access to all contacts within that community. They can also easily add contacts who aren’t listed.

This app works with Android and iOS systems, and also includes status updates so users can see who is available at any time.

The app is free for users to download and install on their smartphones. There are paid plans at the enterprise level that start at $10 per user, but the basic service and all of the above features are available to start using at no cost.

Tool #29 – tab32

Description From The Developer: tab32 is the only All-In-One Cloud-based (browser) dental software for your dental practice. It provides comprehensive patient communication and online booking system including real-time two way texting, Practice Management System, XRay Studio on Cloud, e-Claims and e-Attachments at one low cost – no surprises. No downloads, updates, backups or maintenance required; and get started immediately with expert on boarding trainer and support whenever needed.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Running a dental practice can be hectic, especially when the phones are ringing all day long. Tab32 is a dental practice management software aimed at helping users ensure customer satisfaction and therefore grow their businesses.

Good patient relationships rely on good management practices. With the patient database, all the information a user needs, whether it’s the dentist or their staff, is available right at their fingertips. Tab32 is a cloud-based platform that integrates seamlessly with tools such as health records, patient engagement and even billing software. Plus, being on the cloud means users can access the information from anywhere, while still ensuring that it’s protected according to HIPAA guidelines.

Tab32 is also helpful in that inside the software, users can text patients and collaborators, and even receive voice or VoIP calls. The staff can help manage appointments, and users can implement booking features, freeing up the staff to do more important tasks. The PMS ledger allows for mobile payments, ensuring timely receipt and documented records.

Tab32 pricing is determined based on the features you choose when signing up. A solutions consultant can help you establish your needs and tailor a plan, accordingly.

Tool #30 – Axial Exchange

Description From The Developer: Axial builds mobile software that helps patients, physicians and other health professionals engage jointly in the recovery plan and stay well between encounters.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to patient contact, it can be hard to reach them the traditional way of using a landline. Instead, many physicians and healthcare professionals are now turning to advanced technology to not only maintain contact with their patients but to also improve the overall customer experience.

Axial Exchange is a mobile platform that makes it possible for healthcare professionals to stay in touch with their patients easily, even when patients are on the go. It’s HIPAA-compliant, which means all communications are secure.

There are a number of features on Axial Exchange that make it a valuable tool. Two-way messaging means patients and their healthcare professionals can chat back and forth. Nurses, doctors and clinicians can send medication or appointment reminders and even tasks securely. With the comprehensive dashboard, patients can see their medications and know how much to take and when.

Doctors can identify gaps in care, helping to improve patient health. They can even send patient education documents or videos directly through Axial Exchange.

Healthcare professionals interested in using Axial Exchange for their practices should contact the company directly to view a demo and learn more about the comprehensive features that could set them apart from others in their area.

Tool #31 – Backline

Description From The Developer: Backline offers you and your staff a secure messaging solution built specifically for healthcare that meets all HIPAA, HiTech Act and Joint Commission requirements. Backline offers the ease of text messaging with colleagues and patients, without the risk of sending protected health information (PHI) over common, non-secure channels, which can result in costly HIPAA violations.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Backline is a texting solution that’s suitable for a variety of different healthcare professionals ranging from private practices to hospitals and even pharmacies. It’s an ideal solution for sending PHI securely thanks to its HIPAA compliance, and for keeping in touch with patients, going beyond standard care.

Backline is a texting app that works on both desktops and smartphones. It’s compatible with iPhone and Android systems, making it ideal for nearly anyone. It has a patient-centered chat that makes it possible for doctors, nurses and clinicians to interact via the app. Some versions have a member-patient chat feature, where healthcare professionals can share information and collaborate on cases.

The main purpose of Backline is to improve customer care, making it possible to reach out no matter where either party is. The end result is not only improved customer satisfaction but improved patient retention as well.

This is a standalone app, though it can be used with API integration to enable data archiving. Those who are interested in integrating Backline into their healthcare facility should request a demo to get a rundown of all the features available to them.

Tool #32 – Bliss Health

Description From The Developer: Bliss Health is a USA based technology company focused on connecting the healthcare ecosystem and enabling hybrid and virtual care models through their Bliss CONNECT platform.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Bliss Health has a variety of features that help improve the overall healthcare experience for patients and clinicians alike. Its feature-rich platform is HIPAA compliant, meaning messages, meetings and documents are all secure, whether or not PHI information is shared.

Sending messages is simple, whether it includes text, audio or small video files. They can be sent to one individual, to multiple parties or even to the entire care community associated with a patient. The community care network allows the user to set up permissions and create a network of caregivers, staff and the patient’s family to ensure everyone is kept up to date.

Sometimes patients are unable to get to the doctor’s office whether it’s due to transportation or mobility issues. Video visits help alleviate this obstacle, and users can connect with one or multiple parties. Meetings can be scheduled in advance or be impromptu with the video communication capabilities. Plus, if an appointment is scheduled, Bliss Health will send out reminder notifications before the meeting by email or text, depending on the user’s personal preferences.

Doctors can keep track of patient profiles including their contact information and demographics, which are stored with their records. Additionally, document storage allows healthcare professionals to add videos, PDFs and other documents to the cloud storage.

Bliss Health comes with a 1-month free trial that doesn’t require a credit card to get started. Those who want to continue after the free trial will pay $499 per month for an unlimited number of users.

Tool #33 – BloomText

Description From The Developer:.BloomText allows healthcare professionals to send messages and files securely to anyone instantly. Easily replaces the need for fax machines. BloomText also signs BAAs and can be compliant with your HIPAA policies.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Running a healthcare facility involves a lot of tasks but nothing is more important than the quality of patient care. Enter BloomText, a robust platform that makes it possible to organize a facility with its features.

One of the BloomText features that many healthcare professionals benefit from is the ability to coordinate care. Group conversations allow users to update others and even share files to ensure that all parties are on the same page when it comes to patient care.

The patient management and outreach feature is designed to keep patients engaged by emailing, calling or texting them to stay in touch when it’s necessary and to provide a high level of care.

Cross-organizational communication makes it possible to send messages and files, and request patient records that come through much quicker than before. And, with telemedicine features, healthcare professionals can carry out remote visits to help patients who are unable to make it into the office.

BloomText comes with three available plans. The free account allows for chat, file sharing and unlimited one-way messages. The Pro version costs $10 per month, per employee, but comes with additional features such as premium support, patient messaging and a dedicated SMS number. Those who want to use BloomText for larger organizations can contact the company to create a custom plan that services a larger number of users and comes with the capability of adding multiple SMS numbers.

Tool #34 – Catalia Health Platform

Description From The Developer: Catalia Health is a patient engagement platform that delivers conversations to patients to help address their ongoing healthcare issues.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to patient engagement, the more healthcare professionals stay in touch with their patients, the better the retention rate and level of satisfaction. This is where Catalia Health Platform can help those in the medical industry.

Instead of engaging with patients in the traditional way, Mabu, one of Catalia Health’s products, helps to deepen the doctor-patient relationship. It collaborates and communicates with the patient during the time that the doctor is unable to. All of the information gathered is transferred to the doctor to build a more complete patient profile.

Patients feel as though they’re cared about and are more likely to continue to engage with Mabu, using it to help improve their overall health and also to reduce the likelihood of recurring admissions.

Catalia Health Platform solutions are available to patients through their physicians. For physicians, they can sign up by calling the company directly to see what types of services are offered and to try it out before purchasing.

Tool #35 – Cliniconex

Description From The Developer: Cliniconex is the fastest growing patient communications vendor in Canada, improving clinic revenues and productivity with patient-specific, Set & Forget patient communications that ‘lives in your EHR, EMR or practice management system. Focusing on adapting to, and automating, clinic workflow, Cliniconex appointment reminders, booking notifications, patient recalls, post visit surveys, and walk in clinic live estimates on the web help clinics be more efficient, see more patients, and earn more revenues. Email, voice, SMS and the web.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to patient care, inefficient practices can result in loss of income, quick patient turnover and missing paperwork. That’s where Cliniconex comes in handy, it helps streamline the important tasks that can make or break a business.

There are several features available in Cliniconex, including patient and resident family engagement, patient surveys, health promotion and waiting room concierge. The patient engagement feature is designed to help reduce the number of missed appointments. It lets users send notifications and reminders about upcoming appointments, but it also keeps them informed of statuses throughout their healthcare experience. Resident family engagement is designed to keep the family of the patient informed, without having to manually call them, which can result in lost time in the office.

With patient surveys and health promotion, Cliniconex ensures providers have access to pertinent patient information, while also gaining insight into patient satisfaction. With this at hand, they can make actionable plans to improve the overall experience.

The waiting room concierge is a beneficial tool that helps healthcare professionals and patients alike. It displays the patient queue as well as the estimated waiting times, so everyone is aware of how long they can expect to wait.

Healthcare professionals who want to benefit from Cliniconex should book a demo to test drive the software and see how it can integrate into their practice or facility. It adheres to HIPAA guidelines, so all PHI is secure.

Tool #36 – DocbookMD

Description From The Developer: DocbookMD, a Medici company, is a HIPAA-secure communication solution for physicians and their care teams that helps improve care coordination.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to patient communication, technology has changed almost everything, especially in the healthcare industry. DocbookMD takes communication to a new level, making it easy for healthcare professionals to stay in touch with patients whether they’re in the office or on the go.

Those who use DocbookMD can work from anywhere, taking their practice on the go. Its secure text messaging system is HIPAA compliant, so all users can rest assured that any PHI shared is not at risk.

Colleagues can communicate with each other, sharing status updates or lab results quickly and efficiently. This enhances team collaborative efforts and helps to accelerate workflow. Plus there’s unlimited storage and file sharing, thanks to DocbookMD’s partnership with ShareFile.

DocbookMD has two pricing plans. The team plan starts at $6 per month per user, with a minimum of two users required. Interested healthcare professionals can sign up for a 14-day free trial to take the software for a test drive. If the team plan isn’t enough or doesn’t have the features one is looking for, DocbookMD offers custom plans that they can configure. Users are invited to fill out an inquiry form and the company will reach out.

Tool #37 – Docslink Messenger

Description From The Developer: DocsInk Messenger is the HIPAA Compliant Secure Messenger used by thousands of healthcare professionals every day and the only one your team will love.

Our summary Of The Tool:

DocsInk Messenger makes it easy to communicate with team members both with a desktop and mobile app. It’s designed for small and large organizations alike and has robust features that make it easy to stay on top of important matters.

DocsInk Messenger is a beneficial workspace that streamlines communication between colleagues. It’s easy to set up and add team members, and users can create specific channels or groups broken up by specialty or workflow. To protect privacy, it’s possible to make groups private.

Users can even pin important messages so they don’t get lost in the flow of conversation. Clinicians, doctors and nurses can attach patient profiles to a message as well, sharing pertinent information that helps with treatments. Video conferencing is also available when typing isn’t enough.

With the user access management, administrators can set permissions for team members, granting or denying them access to features and specific chat rooms. This also helps maintain HIPAA compliance.

Pricing information is not available on DocsInk’s website but the company does offer a no-obligation, free 14-day trial to all users who are interested in trying out the messenger in their practice or facility.

Tool #38 – eMed


Description From The Developer: eMed is a hospital management System that has been designed and developed for Healthcare organizations, to provide the finest automation and messaging systems.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to running a hospital, efficiency and accuracy is the key to providing top-notch health care. eMed helps streamline the process, integrating messaging systems and automating important processes.

eMed is comprehensive, combining multiple features into a single software platform that makes it easy to see everything at a glance. For instance, patient administration management lets the user view scheduling and access patient information whether they’re being treated as an in- or out-patient.

Patient care includes different types of services such as radiology, laboratory and operation details, so all of the information is available at the user’s fingertips.

Other management services include tracking inventory and stock to avoid running out of supplies and staying on top of orders. Reports can be created and exported to different programs such as Excel and PDF formats. With the admin panel, user permissions can be granted for specific areas of the software depending on the user’s position and capability. Plus, the software is designed with HIPAA compliance in mind, so it’s meant to be secure and to safeguard PHI.

eMed has an extensive price list that users can browse and determine which tier fits their needs. They can buy a renewable or perpetual lifetime license, or opt for the use and pay method. The price levels vary depending on how many users will be accessing the software.

Tool #39 – Evergreen Life Healthcare Messaging

Description From The Developer: Evergreen Life’s Personal Health Record app brings all of your health information together, in the palm of your hand.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to healthcare, sometimes patients are left in the dark for too long, which leads to a poor experience and high turnover rate. The Evergreen Life Healthcare Messaging app seeks to improve this obstacle by putting the power in the patient’s hand, literally.

For healthcare providers in the UK, Evergreen Life Healthcare Messaging system puts the information you need right in front of you. Patients can download the app and with a linkage code along with an account ID, they can access their account details and medical records.

Patients can use Evergreen Life Healthcare Messaging to track their personal records as well, such as their body fat percentages, blood pressure, heart rate and waist-to-hip ratio. This information can be directly shared with a clinician to keep them up to date so they can provide adequate care.

With the Evergreen Life Healthcare Messaging app, patients can also book appointments and view their test results, eliminating the need for phone calls and extra visits to the office. Plus, if they take medications regularly, timely reminders and notifications can help avoid missed or inadequate doses.

This Evergreen app is available for both smartphones and desktop computers so users can access their information from home or while they’re out and about.

Tool #40 – Healthwave Connect

Description From The Developer: PhoneTree’s complete messaging suite ranges from onsite to online options that allow you to deliver accurate, highly customizable calls, texts and emails quickly, easily and affordably.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to staying in touch with patients, healthcare professionals have a lot of tools at their disposal. Healthwave Connect is one of them. It makes maintaining contact — both via text and voice — simple and efficient.

One of the main features of Healthwave Connect is its ability to send timely messages to patients. For instance, healthcare professionals can send appointment reminders to help reduce the number of no-shows, care instructions and medication reminders to promote self-care at home, and even send invoice notifications that remind patients of a balance due.

Healthwave Connect works both ways, patients can, in turn, respond to notifications either via email, text or even touch-tone for voice messages. This is especially helpful if they need to reschedule an appointment, and it eliminates the need to have office staff follow up and use up valuable time on the phone.

Users will be happy to know that Healthwave Connect integrates seamlessly into practice management and EHR systems, so it’s not necessary to add contact information all over again. Plus, users can create admins and set permissions to control access to PHI as needed.

With advanced reporting options, Healthwave Connect lets users stay on top of invoices and they can alter the look and frequency of reports, tailoring them to their specific needs. Healthwave Connect is HIPAA compliant, ensuring all information is secure.

Those looking to get started and to get pricing information should reach out to the company to get a demo and more information about the comprehensive features the software offers.

Tool #41 – HipLink Mobile

Description From The Developer: With HipLink Mobile, the User is connected real-time to the server with a live connection for highly reliable and fast messages. For those times when a User isn’t logged in, either intentionally or without realizing it, HipLink will alert the User and give them the option to quickly login. In all cases, the sender will know the exact status of their messages, whether pending or delivered, and when they are read, along with any response, whether it is phone-to-phone or from the desktop to phone.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to working in the medical field, emergencies aren’t just limited to working hours. Sometimes patients need to contact their healthcare professional in the middle of the night, or while they’re out of the office. HipLink Mobile helps both parties stay in contact no matter what time of day it is and no matter where they are.

The HipLink Mobile app is an alternative to SMS messaging, and it’s downloaded on the user’s smart device. It has several built-in features, including different notification alerts that distinguish between levels, so users can distinguish between emergent and nonemergent situations. Emergency messages also come with a persistent alert that notifies the professional that attention is needed immediately.

Messages are not limited in size, and users can send file attachments or even share their location. Admin can set it up so that there are one- or two-way communications and also handle remote device management.

HipLink Mobile works for both Apple and Android systems, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, and operates via Wi-Fi and data connections. Because it’s meant for healthcare professionals, it’s HIPAA compliant to ensure the security of any PHI shared. TLS, or transport layer security, encrypts the messages so they cannot be intercepted.

HipLink Mobile offers a free demo and trial for those who are interested in trying out the service for their practice or facility.

Tool #42 – Hiplink Mobile Solutions for Healthcare

Description From The Developer: Wireless paging software for text, voice and fax messaging to virtually any device.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Healthcare facilities have the burden of providing for a number of patients at once, but sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with every patient’s needs. With HipLink Solutions for Healthcare, it’s possible to decrease response times while simultaneously improving the quality of care, thanks to a set of robust features.

Custom one-click responses help decrease response time which can be critical in the event of an emergency. Users can also set up message templates to cut down on the amount of time spent texting.

Admins can create groups to define available personnel, whether they’re on-call, on rotation or an escalation team. Plus, with the audit trail, it’s easy to see where and when messages have been sent and to whom.

One thing that’s beneficial is that HipLink Solutions is web-based, so it allows for universal access. It delivers to smartphones and tablets, so healthcare professionals on the go can receive messages whether they’re in the hospital or out in the field. These messages are all secure with encrypted, HIPAA-compliant communications.

HipLink is available for a free trial and the company offers a demo to those who may be interested in applying the software to their facility.

Tool #43 – IM Your Doc

Description From The Developer: IM Your Doc is a simple, text messaging app that enables instantaneous and HIPAA compliant communication for physicians and healthcare staff. Phone calls and emails are time consuming and disruptive to workflow. Healthcare providers are inundated with calls and emails while patients feel like they aren’t having their concerns answered. IM Your Doc is the answer. It saves time by streamlining workflow communication in a compliant and secure way.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Communication is essential in the healthcare field, whether it’s between colleagues or a doctor-patient interaction. IM Your Doc helps speed up the contact time, making sure to improve communications without compromising security.

IM Your Doc works with both Apple and Android smart devices, as well as desktop computers, making it accessible for nearly anyone. Real-time notifications alert the recipient to a message that’s waiting for their attention.

Users, especially colleagues, can send reports and updates to each other using IM Your Doc to speed up the review time, particularly if one is on the go. The app allows for both images and files to be sent. Additionally, a group message sent to all of the personnel responsible for a patient’s care helps reach multiple parties at once, eliminating the need for multiple messages.

For messages that require a bit more personalization, users can choose to video call each other, which is especially helpful for patients who need to speak with a doctor and cannot make it into the office. These video visits are a great way for physicians and clinicians to improve their revenue streams. IM Your Doc also integrates seamlessly with EMR and EHR systems, so important patient notes can be moved to their file in the practice or hospital system.

IM Your Doc works for several different scenarios, whether it’s provider-to-provider, whole practice or patient-to-practice communications. With HIPAA compliance, any information shared between parties is kept private per stringent medical guidelines.

To get started, it’s necessary to fill out an online form. Prices for IM Your Doc are not listed online but are available through a sales associate.

Tool #44 – LuxSci Secure Chat

Description From The Developer: LuxSci providing HIPAA-compliant email, secure email & web services.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Healthcare professionals have the duty of not only protecting their patients’ privacy but also providing timely and efficient service. Having the tools in place to do that is essential, and that’s where LuxSci Secure services come in.

LuxSci provides 100% HIPAA-compliant email and web-based services to help physicians and healthcare professionals stay in constant communication without compromising any PHI.

The robust email service is ideal for practices that send a few hundred or even a few million messages a month. It encrypts bulk emails and protects sensitive information including data and lists.

With the web-hosting services, LuxSci takes care of the major details including monitoring the server and patch management. All the user has to do is maintain their website or app that they’re integrating the HIPAA-compliant hosting service with. They can also integrate services such as email archival and spotlight mailer for added security.

There are three different LuxSci Service plans including small, custom and enterprise custom. Small starts at $50 per month while custom and enterprise custom start at $250 and $1000 per month, respectively. The end price depends on the services that the customer chooses. Custom and enterprise custom also require talking to the company to determine and set up the features.

Tool #45 –

Description From The Developer: Streamlines physician On-Call scheduling and provides hospital management with tools to communicate physician documents and agendas.

Our summary Of The Tool:

One of the main responsibilities of office staff in the healthcare industry is knowing which doctors are on call and available to help patients who might have routine or emergent needs. Compiling the list of physicians can be time-consuming and an inefficient use of resources, which is what MDsyncNet seeks to solve.

MDsyncNet helps practices and facilities compile the necessary information about physician scheduling into one seamless software program. It works with computers and smart devices and displays the scheduling in realtime. Any updates can be sent to the staff with a single click, eliminating the possibility of confusion about who’s on-call or rotation.

Pay for call reports simplify accounting’s job, immediately updating their records on how many hours and shifts each doctor works for a given time period. The admin feature lets users determine permissions for each staff member who has access to the MDsyncNet. They can also form groups and assign each physician to the appropriate group for quick lookup. The same goes for other staff groups including nurses, IT and pharmacy.

All of the information contained within MDsyncNet is secure thanks to the software’s HIPAA compliance.

Each prospective user has to go through a 30-minute initial consultation with MDsyncNet associates to go over the features they need. Because there are eight modules available and not every company, practice or hospital needs each module, pricing will vary depending on the services the customer chooses.

Tool #46 – MediMobile Messaging

Description From The Developer: MediMobile Messaging software follows the e-PHI (electronic patient health information) security standards. Our data which is at rest is encrypted and our data which is in motion is communicated securely over TLS (transport layer security). MediMobile’s datacenter adheres to SOC 2 Type II compliance and is examined and HITRUST certified. We have a 3rd party security firm auditing for HIPAA compliance. We require a BAA (business associate agreement).

Our summary Of The Tool:

MediMobile is a valuable software that helps those in the healthcare industry not only streamline their practices but also improve customer retention rates and thus, grow revenue. It offers several different features that work together to simplify the often complex processes involved in healthcare practices.

Mobile messaging is just one of the many services users have access to with MediMobile. Doctors, nurses and staff can use it for billing, coding and patient management. It integrates with current billing systems and can help manage the flow of data between different facilities as well as billing and management systems. There’s no need for logging into different portals, either, all of the information is visible in the patient profile or on the MediMobile dashboard.

Because it’s designed for the healthcare industry, MediMobile adheres to the stringent guidelines set forth by HIPAA. This means that regardless of whether the physicians use the messaging system or access patient profile or billing data, it’s encrypted with the highest level of security to safeguard ePHI and PHI.

To get started, users must first fill out an online form with their contact information and position. Then they’ll speak with a consultant and discuss how MediMobile can help streamline their services.

Tool #47 – MedTunnel

Description From The Developer: MedTunnel is a free HIPAA compliant service that provides secure communication for healthcare. It allows users to replace faxing, email, and text messaging.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Healthcare professionals are constantly looking for ways to streamline communication and practice management. MedTunnel can help reduce the amount of time it takes to access records and also help with patient interaction.

There are several features rolled into one app with MedTunnel. For starters, healthcare professionals can now send documents easily without having to wait on a fax or courier delivery. Users can send private health information (PHI) such as x-rays and medical records from anywhere while the recipient can access them on their smart device or desktop computer.

The patient portal on MedTunnel makes it easy for customers to contact the user’s practice. They can request appointments, submit their insurance information or even follow up with a doctor or practitioner with any questions they might have. MedTunnel’s credit card storage lets users store credit card information in the system and access it when they need to.

With millions of people going digital, it makes sense to have an app patients can use to reach out. Since they’re expensive to develop and run, MedTunnel is looking to reduce those costs for its customers. Users can contact the company to see how to get started with the existing infrastructure and offer an app to patients on both Apple and Android systems.

MedTunnel is currently a free service. The company professes that the app will continue to remain free for its users though they may offer premium services in the future for an additional cost. All of their services are built on a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure that safeguards all PHI.

Tool #48 – miSecuremessages

Description From The Developer: A HIPAA-compliant messaging app used and trusted by medical staff to send secure texts, photos, videos, and audio files.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Security is a valid concern when it comes to healthcare communications, and miSecureMessages offers a HIPAA-compliant way to stay in touch with colleagues whether they’re in the same practice or across the country.

MiSecureMessages is a two-way messaging system that makes it easy for doctors, clinicians, nurses and office staff to stay in touch throughout the day. Additionally, its security enables users to send each other PHI without having to worry about putting the information at risk. This app is designed to replace paging and SMS texting that’s not up to industry standards. All text and files sent are encrypted to ensure they remain confidential.

There’s no limit to the size of the messages, so users can send medical files including documents, x-rays and other images to colleagues in different departments whether for a consult or a second opinion. There’s also no limit to the number of messages a miSecureMessaging user can send, which means no overages and no extra charges.

Interested users should fill out the form on the site to get more information. There’s also a free 30-day trial for first-time users and miSecureMessaging works on iOs and Android operating systems, and on desktop computers.

Tool #49 – Netsfere for Healthcare

Description From The Developer: NetSfere is an affordable, easy-to-install and deploy HIPAA-compliant messaging solution that gives healthcare providers the tools to convert communication and collaboration into improved patient care and more efficient workflows.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Communications are such a critical part of healthcare that many facilities and practices implement special systems and apps to ensure timely responses. NetSfere for Healthcare is one such solution.

This messaging technology is designed with HIPAA compliance in mind and offers built-in security encryption. With this system, colleagues can message each other and keep up to date on patient cases and other happenings throughout the facility. They can share documents and multimedia files, including photos and videos. When out of range, multimedia messages are sent as SMS to ensure delivery.

Admin control ensures PHI is deleted from accounts of personnel who leave the company or practice to prevent unauthorized sharing or access. All texts and messages are saved in centralized storage for audit purposes.

Whether the user is part of a small practice or large hospital network, NetSfere has the ability to scale to their needs. And, with integrated directories, users can easily find colleagues by department or group.

NetSfere offers a free and paid plan that starts at $7 per month per user. The paid plan allows for sending larger files along with more storage and for lengthier periods. Those who need a large number of accounts should contact the sales department for information on enterprise plus plans.

Tool #50 – OnPage Clinical Communications Platform

Description From The Developer: A clinical communications platform incorporates all clinical communication into one user-centric system that empowers care organizations by fostering collaboration, decreasing medical errors, and increasing patient and provider satisfaction.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Pagers have become an obsolete tool in the healthcare industry, being replaced by more advanced, digital technology that establishes a line of communication quicker than ever before. OnPage Clinical Communications Platform not only streamlines contact between physicians and patients, but it also helps improve the workflow within healthcare organizations.

With OnPage Clinical Communications Platform, users get more than just a pager replacement. There are other features including secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging, patient and crisis communications, and incident management.

Because protected health information is subject to rigorous guidelines, secure HIPAA-compliant messaging is a must. With OnPage, physicians and healthcare professionals can message each other or patients knowing that the messages and information contained within are secure.

Patient and crisis communications reduce the amount of time that it takes to make contact. It automatically routes calls and messages to on-call doctors to ensure timely transmission and attention to the issue at hand.

Incident management involves the IT team behind the healthcare organization, rather than the doctors and staff. Because service interruptions and downtime can be detrimental to hospitals, private practices and other organizations, getting the systems back up and running is critical. With OnPage, IT staff is notified immediately of high priority alerts that require attention. It effectively filters the messages by priority, reducing the noise for improved clarity.

OnPage comes with three different pricing options: a regular account, Enterprise Silver and Enterprise Gold. They cost $13.99, $22.99 and $28.99 per user, per month respectively and they’re paid for a year in advance.

Tool #51 – Rallyest

Description From The Developer: A secure, and effective mobile app used by treatment professionals to keep an individual’s home team informed and contributing to the success of their therapeutic journey.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Support is the single most important factor in a patient’s recovery, and Rallyest helps all of the home team stay connected throughout the journey. This app is rife with features that help streamline contact and communication.

The features on Rallyest include support teams, communication, care coordination, goal wizard, polling and outcome tracking. With support teams, users can set up networks that include a patient’s friends, family and professionals, to name a few. Communication and care coordination are simplified with all of a person’s photos, files and announcements centralized in a single location.

The goal wizard tracks a patient’s progress in different areas including physical, emotional and mental health. Outcome tracking measures the data received and presents it to the team involved so everyone is kept up to date. The app adheres to all HIPAA guidelines, so all information is kept secure.

Rallyest is available in three plans: Essential, Pro and Premier, which cost $300, $500 and $900 per month respectively. Users can also opt to buy the annual plans which are available at $3,000, $5,000 and $9,000. It should be noted that there is an additional $5 per month charge per client on each plan. There’s also a demo available for those who are interested in trying out the app before purchasing it

Tool #52 – RealTimeClinic

Description From The Developer: A HIPAA-compliant mobile health platform to turn everyday healthcare into a simpler user experience.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Tracking one’s health and the operations of a healthcare facility can be tedious without the right software. RealTime Clinic is available for both clinicians and patients, with accommodating features that streamline either healthcare practices or patient engagement. It’s HIPAA-compliant, so any sensitive information exchanged is safeguarded.

The clinician app works to integrate the features that healthcare professionals need, such as improving workflow with automation. The dashboard lets users see patient registries, access the team inbox and view all analytics. The patient registries improve management, providing identifying information that helps clinicians provide quality care.

This version also comes with a receptionist dashboard that’s available on the web. Here, the office staff can book or reschedule appointments, view the doctor’s calendar and answer any questions not related to actual healthcare.

The patient or population app, as RealTime Clinic calls it, gives patients a handle on their healthcare. For example, in the dashboard, they can see all their stats from wearables, send messages and schedule appointments. It also allows for remote treatment or consult sessions, without the need to go into the office.

RealTime Clinic comes with a 14-day free trial for all four of its plans. Those interested in signing up can choose from Enterprise, Individual Provider, Private Practice and eClinic plans. Prices start at $174 per month or $2088 per year if paid annually.

Tool #53 – RevelConnect

Description From The Developer: Revel is a next gen healthcare technology company using data science and behavioral research to move people to better health.

Our summary Of The Tool:

The last thing a patient wants to feel is as though they’re a number, and with Revel Connect, clinicians and healthcare professionals can connect with them on a more personalized level. This software takes statistical data and turns it into a personal outlook that works to improve doctor-patient relations.

Revel Connect works with Medicare and Medicaid patients and also has an Activation platform that is aimed at driving both enrollment and participation of an organization’s members.

The main goal of Revel Connect is to improve the level of patient engagement and thus, improve their health. Improved numbers in screening rates and wellness visits show that the app works by reaching out to customers and drawing actionable responses. Some automated features include texting in addition to voice calling and creating customized reports that show the results.

Because Revel Connect is an action-driven program, there’s no flat-rate pricing. Instead, clinicians and users pay based on the outcomes. To get more information, interested users should call the company to schedule a demo and learn how it works.

Tool #54 – Stitch.Health

Description From The Developer: Stitch Connect offers healthcare teams a HIPAA-compliant team communication experience across all devices.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Healthcare professionals rely heavily on communication to stay in touch with their team and patients. Stitch helps improve this process by combining several features into a single app. It’s available across multiple platforms so users can access it on mobile and desktop apps as well as on the web, increasing its versatility and accessibility.

Users can create a series of public and private rooms to converse with other healthcare professionals, whether as a group or one-on-one. Because it’s HIPAA-compliant, they can use Stitch to discuss patient details and updates, as well as schedule events and tasks without sacrificing security.

Stitch accommodates multiple file types including presentations, documents, pictures and audio or video clips, so users can share information with the whole team at once, eliminating the need for pagers, emails and texting. It comes in handy for sharing patient labs, charts and file details.

Users can customize the app to their preferences. For example, setting custom notifications alerts them to messages from specific people and priority levels. Additionally, every message is archived and searchable, so finding answers is simplified.

Stitch integrates into existing EHR systems and has administrative tools that make it easy to set permissions and view access logs. Analytics show performance, and security settings make it possible to lock the app down tight.

In order to get started with this app, users have to request a license and speak with a consultant to discuss how it can integrate and benefit any healthcare organization.

Tool #55 – Therachat

Description From The Developer: Therachat is an app that allows psychologists, therapists, and counselors greater insight into their client’s life and empowers them to engage clients in between sessions.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to mental health, it’s important for patients to communicate with their therapists, but sometimes a once-a-week or month appointment simply isn’t enough. Therachat is an app that allows psychologists, counselors and therapists to maintain insight into their patient’s lives and struggles between sessions.

In collaboration with their healthcare professional, patients access journeys on Therachat. These journeys involve learning new skills to help them cope. They also include emotion tracking, mindfulness and thought reframing. The goal is to help improve their overall mental health through daily exercises that have the best effect.

Therachat has a library of activities designed to help patients improve. They can learn brainstorming activities, coping skills, track their emotions and even journal their day and struggles, or how they’ve overcome an issue. Daily reminders help keep users on track and integrated artificial intelligence (AI) tracks potential patterns in behavior and also helps to identify triggers.

All of the information contained within is shared directly with a healthcare professional who can then ascertain the patient’s mental health and reach out if need be. It’s available on both Android and iOS systems, as well as the web.

Clinicians can keep track of results that they can access and export from anywhere. It’s a customizable solution that’s HIPAA-compliant, adhering to the rigorous guidelines to safeguard the patient’s sensitive information. Users can sign up for a no-obligation, 7-day free trial.

Tool #56 – TriageStat


Description From The Developer: Health technology for connected care between Hospitals, Physician Groups, SNFs, and Home Health to address the upcoming healthcare continuum.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Doctors and nurses have to work together in order to provide excellent patient care, but it’s easy to cross wires. TriageSTAT is designed to help eliminate the barriers to this communication. It’s ideal for home health care and medical practices alike.

TriageSTAT has a number of features designed to improve the communication process. Plus, it’s HIPAA-compliant so it has safeguards in place to protect sensitive information.

Home health care agents can make use of the app and digitally record tasks and time for reporting. It also allows users to keep track of employees. When it comes to patients, the app helps with patient intake and charting, so all of the information is centralized. The electronic signature function captures the consent right in the app, reducing the amount of paperwork involved.

TriageSTAT is excellent for medical practice management, too. It integrates into EMR and EHR systems and works with multiple practices and doctors. Users can schedule both patients and physicians and even use it for patient registration.

There’s currently no pricing information available on the website, but interested users can contact the company to get started.

Tool #57 – Trillian

From The Developer: Trillian is both a free instant messenger for individuals and a powerful business and clinical communication platform used by companies and healthcare systems of all sizes.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Instant messaging is a quick and efficient way of communicating and it’s quickly developed its place in the healthcare industry. Trillian is one solution that can help physicians, nurses and office staff stay in touch.

The messaging app is available on multiple platforms including Android and iOS systems, desktop computers with Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems and on a web browser. It runs continuously in the background so messages are always coming through.

It has a robust administration system that makes sure access is controlled and permissions are properly set for specific users. Those invited don’t have to do anything special, they’re automatically able to see the rest of the team and immediately start chatting.

Trillian helps eliminate the need for excess phone calls, pagers and emails. Instead, the communication is quick and efficient, with quicker response times that benefit the entire staff.

Trillian has two pricing plans applicable for medical professionals: Business Cloud and Business On-Prem. The Business Cloud plan starts at $2 per month per user and is aimed at smaller practices, while the Business On-Prem is for larger companies that have multiple users. These plans start at $1800 a year.

Tool #58 – Universe mHealth

Description From The Developer: Universe mHealth enables enterprise-level healthcare organizations to publish their own, client-branded mobile app with extensive functionality for interfaces, patient medical records, appointment scheduling, messaging, bill pay and more. Hospitals, health systems and clinics can select from a suite of existing features, while relying on Universe’s experienced team to develop client-specific custom features with the goal of having a single app for the entire healthcare organization and its patients.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Healthcare technology is continuously developing and Universe mHealth helps organizations streamline both workflow and satisfy their patients. The app is compatible with mobile devices that run on Android and iOS.

Universe mHealth comes with a variety of features including pre-built modules that make customization simple. Users can set them up for urgent care wait times, instant messaging, scheduling and even prescription refill requests to make both physician and patient lives easier. Patients can check in with the app and access their medical records, all with HIPAA-compliance built-in.

With universal interface capability, users can build their own, have Universe mHealth build it for them, or use one of the prebuilt options.

It’s possible to brand Universe mHealth as well, to match the company colors and logo. This is available both in the app store — whether it’s Android or iOS — and within the app itself.

The good thing is it’s scalable, so you can start out small and grow with the app, never worrying about it becoming obsolete. Whether the practice has 5 or 500 patients and/or staff, its robust system can accommodate the users.

To get pricing and integration information, those interested should contact the company.