We want individuals that think outside of the box, push creative boundaries, and are ready to get down and dirty in the world of digital advertising and marketing. The best work come from people who challenge the norm, reinvent ideas, and create their own path instead of walking the straight and narrow. If you’re picking up what we’re throwing down, go ahead and send that resume over. If you’re interested in us, we’re interested in you… hit us up below!

Social Media

We know you spend most your day scrolling through social feeds, so spend that time creating amazing and intentional content for businesses instead. We’re looking for creative voices to join the crew and speak on behalf of the clients who trust us to do us.

Web Design + Development

Building websites isn’t easy, but someone’s got to do it! Our current crew are experts in the field, but we’re always looking for more tech savvy gurus to add to the team whether you prefer coding, using templates, or creating total custom designs and plugins.

Graphic Design

We tell stories not only with words, but also with images with graphics, branding, social media images, and advertising campaigns. We are on the hunt for artistic storytellers who want to create powerful imagery for our clients and their future customers.

Sales+biz Dev

We’re not about selling someone something they don’t need – but we think everyone does need something we offer. If you’ve got the patience and resilience to find the pain points in a company and come up with a solution to the problem, we want you!

Content Writing

Put your writing skills to the test. We are looking for killer writers to join our crew. You can expect to dabble in all forms of writing from web content to email campaigns, blogs to press releases. If you’ve got what it takes to be the mouthpiece of a company, send us a resume!


Strategy and execution are vital when it comes to SEO campaigning. It can take a village, but if you have what it takes to be the chief of that village we want you!

Video Production

Lights, Camera, Action! Video production and editing is a special skill and a vital one to creating successful campaigns. Join our crew if you’ve got a passion for showcasing the best and most unique aspects of a company through video!

Paid Media Experts

Join our crew if you like to put your money where your mouth is. Being the brains (and hands) behind all paid media campaigns and execution is the primary focus of a Paid Media Expert. From social, to display, and everything in between, the more you know the better.


We’re always looking for a wizard behind the lens who not only specializes in bad-ass imagery but is flexible and comfortable with shooting different types of content. One day you may be on-site shooting products in a lightbox and the next your off to an event. If you call yourself a jack-of-all-trades with a camera, this is the gig for you.

Account Manager

It’s all about the clients! As the client-facing entity of WIDSIX, you’d ensure communication, efficiency and timeliness are always on point. You’re the catch-all for requests and reporting and if you’ve got what it takes to be on top of things 24/7 we want to hear from you!


Is “internship” a four letter word to you? Have you been burned before with menial work and boring tasks? Yeah, we’ve been there too. We want you to learn what it’s really like to work in marketing from the ground up and experience what company culture really looks like.