Does Your Website Need A Makeover?

Just because you have a website, doesn’t mean you have a successful website. We have all visited websites that look like they are stuck in the 1990’s (and if you need a visual representation of what we mean visit HERE, HERE, or HERE).  Don’t be the guy we all make fun of. Take a moment to look at your website with fresh eyes and then ask yourself these questions:

1️⃣ Is your website mobile device friendly?

Most of your audience and past, present, and future clientele are using their smartphones for the information they want. So, check out your website on a smartphone AND a tablet and see if they buttons are big enough, the text is large enough, you can navigate the way you can on desktop, and if it cuts off any of your photos or graphics.

2️⃣ Has it been 3 years+ since your site was built?

Trends in user-preferences are as changing as the seasons. 3 years in web-time is a decade in real-life. Don’t let that much time pass between design and layout updates for two reasons: 1) users already have a pre-disposition to consume based on the current trends and 2) the longer you go between updates, the more work needs to be done which can take both a time and a financial toll on the process.

3️⃣ Does your website align with your current brand?

Have you changed your logo? Your slogan? What about a shift in offerings, or an expansion? Any changes to the structure (or business plan) that happens as a company should be reflected on the site. Even if it seems minor, UPDATE!

4️⃣ Are your social icons prominently visible?

Social  Media is your companies mouth-piece and a where most of the world lives and breathes. Make accessing any and all of your social media platforms prominent. This will build community on those places, and also keep you up to date with user-consumption habits!

5️⃣ Is it easy to navigate between pages?

Hansel and Greta taught us a long time ago to leave breadcrumbs in order to get back to your home. Your website should be designed in the same mentality. If you cannot easily get back to the previous page, or even to the homepage, users will be frustrated and abandon your site. Avoid this at all costs!

We live in a digital age, and first impressions are still just as important as ever. If your website is not a represenation of your brand, quality, and offerings you may not get a second chance to win that person back. The presences and personification you put in to your digital imprint makes an impact in brand trust and clout, whether you want to admit it or not. If this list stirred something in you and you’re itching for more information, our Scottsdale based full-service marketing agency is here to help! Hit us up HERE!