We’re a big fan of Instagram Stories – both personally and professionally. We’ve also seen that engagement of followers has shifted to stories rather than feeds. Some great stats that help confirm the fact that stories are the new way include: 70% of Instagram  users watch Stories on both platforms daily, there are 400 million users watching Stories on a daily basis and the average brand’s feed is made up of 46% stories and 54% normal posts. So, how do you break through the noise of stories? We’ve found a few FREE apps that do just that! Check ’em out, try ’em out and be sure to tag us (@WIDSIX) so we can see!

Adobe Spark Post

Everyone loves a good GIF (even if you’re still trying to figure out how to pronounce it). Instagram Stories already allows the use of animated and moving text, as they have added a large library of items you can add. But, we bet you did not know you can add your own animated text. Adobe Spark Post is a FREE app that allows you to add custom text (color, size, font etc) and then converts that image in to a 4 second video. From there, you can then upload directly to your story!


You may or may not have come across an aspect ratio issue. What that means, is, you’ve taken a video or photo using your device camera and when trying to add to stories it cuts it off either vertically or horizontally. This can be a frustrating situation, but InShot is a great tool to combat this! It will convert any size video in to the Instagram worthy 9:16 ratio. Another fun design feature the free app does is that it lets you blur the excess background margins in your vertical video, add a solid color, or import a photo into the background.


If pictures are worth 1,000 words, than collages are worth a million. The free app, PicPlayPost lets you turn one photo (or video) in to a mosaic of photos (or videos) all in one. This is a great way to avoid the need to post 3-5 stories about the same thing, and keep the attention of your followers.


  • Turns out, widdy's look pretty good paired with vintage 92's (as seen at this North Scottsdale Trailhead) 😎 #SlapaWiddy #WIDSIX #WIDSIXintheWild
  • The more daddin' Roope does, the closer and closer we get to facing the harsh reality of dad jokes ... But would this #FathersDay really be complete without a healthy dose of cheese? 🧀 Check out these terrible #dadjokes 🤣
  • No limitations when it comes to working with #WIDSIX! 🙌 Distance has got nothing on us when we have co-workers from LA ➡️ PHX and clients from Dubai ➡️ Portland! We handle our work and have fun while doing it! 💯 #remotework #hustlehard
  • #TBT - the engine powering WIDSIX Mission Control, It's a rare day when Ivette isn't smiling + super positive! Even a vintage golfer is lurking🏌 can't break that mood. Tell us why your smiling today, what's got you feeling #carefree? 😁
  • #ClientHighlight - You take one look at these designs and all you can say is ... WOW! 😍 Stoked to be working with Whiteboard Development Co to showcase their amazing work + increase their brand awareness.
Whiteboard is a real estate investment and development firm that imagines, designs, and develops transformative, "One-of-a-Kind" places; authentic and timeless environments structures. Have you seen any of their projects before? 🏗 👷‍♂️ #WIDSIX
  • #NationalIcedTeaDay - Josh loves just about any iced tea from @songbirdcoffeehouse. He's always supporting the local coffee shop businesses, but this one is a GO-TO. ☕️ You bet we'll be making a stop today for their Gold Metal tea, easily their best! Have you visited this PHX favorite before? #WIDSIX 🐦
  • Aristotle knows exactly what he's talking about! We take extreme pleasure in our job. Now, we're pretty sure you know exactly what comes after that. 😉✅ 💼 #WIDSIX
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  • #WIDSIXintheWild - #slapawiddy season is back! Where is the last place you saw a #WIDSIX sticker? 🏜 
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  • Who really calls the shots at #WIDSIX? We all know John is the boss man ... but Willow is the Queen! 👑 If you're ever in our office, you can usually find her sitting on her throne. 🐶
  • #Throwback - Diva reppin #WIDSIX like a BOSS! 😎 Meeting new clients & giving out free merch... What's not to love? 🤘🏼 💯

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