The WIDSIX Difference: Junior vs. Expert

As a full-service marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona, we’ve become familiar with the stigma that the word “agency” leaves in the mouths of people. The term is often synonymous with a frustrating situation in which the individual or company was burned by some fast-talking group of suits that oversold and under-delivered. We get it, trust us. We’ve worked hard to be the least-douchy marketing agency in our neighborhood because we hate those guys too.

A huge differentiation between our agency and “the other guy” is that we provide expert level professionals. Everyone working on your project from social media management to website development, and from branding to advertising, is a seasoned professional. The high-level crew members you are meeting with initially will also be working on your project. More often than not, the director level employees then delegate the project to a junior or assistant rather than working on it themselves. We stray away from that as often as possible.

Not only will you have the highest level member of the department on your project, you will also have a team of experts with eyes and minds on it as well. One of our core values is thought leadership. This means we tap in to the talent, experience, and passion of everyone inside our business to provide the best outcome for our clients. We work as a true crew, to provide the best value and products for the clients that trust us to  be a part of their stories.

Our marketing collective is more than just an agency – we’re an advocate for your vision, we’re a vessel for change, and we’re a group of people who are passionate about what we do. Let us show you that “agency” does not have to be a four letter word. Hit us up, we promise we don’t bite…