The Advantages of Using a Boutique Sports Marketing Agency

The worst thing you can do for your brand is hire a marketing agency that will produce cookie-cutter content for an exorbitant price. Not only will your fans be able to tell that you’re speaking to them through generic copy-and-paste methods, but you’ll end up wasting precious advertising funds in the process. And when you’re a sports team looking to gain traction with potential new fans or marketing any kind of sporting event, it’s even more crucial to put content out that is going to get current and prospective followers hyped up. What you definitely do NOT want to do is turn them away with bland, formal copy that sounds exactly like the last fifty advertisements they just scrolled by on their social media feed. The solution? Use a boutique sports marketing agency!

No, “boutique” doesn’t just refer to quaint, cute-sy women’s clothing and accessory stores. In terms of marketing agencies, “boutique” means the firm is smaller, more personalized, and more cost-effective than the large, powerhouse marketing agencies out there. And if the sports team or event you’re representing is sizable in terms of fans and attendees, your first inclination might be that only a big marketing firm can handle the scope of your projects. However, this is not actually the case. In fact, huge agencies are more likely to be inefficient and disorganized due to the extensive chain of command and sheer number of projects they take on. Not only might your brand fall to the wayside and get lost amongst a sea of other tasks, but you lose out on the personal touch you’d get with a boutique sports marketing agency.

Boutique sports marketing agencies are also always looking for ways to think outside of the box and get creative. They’re not like big companies who have developed a “formula” that’s one-size-fits-all. And because these firms are small, they’re able to dive deep with things like SEO and SEM, getting you search keywords and content that’s perfectly tailored to your needs. This also helps when you want something changed or fixed, because usually you’ll know exactly who to talk to, making the process streamlined and more effective. And at a boutique firm, there are rarely any overhead costs because of the small size. Typically, as with any small business, there is a small number of highly qualified staff ready to tackle your next campaign, which helps keep costs low.

Finally, a boutique agency is just more intimate. When you choose a small agency, you might even find yourself feeling like you’ve become part of a family. When you first reach out to a boutique sports marketing agency, you might be surprised when you call the office and the CEO answers the phone! You don’t have to spend time on hold or get caught in an endless loop of people trying to get help with your marketing. It’s personal touches like this that will give you a leg-up in the industry.