The 3 types of marketing videos and how to use them

Imagine the Internet as one giant shopping mall, where web users are the shoppers and you and your brand are one of many stores lined up, hoping to entice these shoppers to enter your establishment to learn what you’re all about.

Marketing videos are akin to the windows outside of a storefront, and what potential customers see in these windows provides them with a sneak preview of your brand that will either intrigue them enough to coax them inside, or fall flat and turn them away: potentially forever. This is why nailing the message, content, and format are crucial in attracting people to your brand, and knowing where to post and host videos is equally important. To make it super simple, we’ll separate these marketing videos into three categories: Social Media Videos, Content Marketing Videos, and Conversion Videos. We’ll also provide examples of effective marketing videos under each category.

Social Media Videos

Key functions: Discovery and Engagement

You have 5 seconds. Okay, okay, we’ll be generous: 7 seconds. That’s about all the time you have to work with when it comes to capturing and holding a person’s attention. If they aren’t hooked within 7 seconds, they’ll keep scrolling. Social Media Videos are all about 1) getting your brand discovered by new users, and 2) encouraging new users to comment, like, and hopefully share your video and spread your message. For these reasons, Social Media Videos should be exciting, interesting, and straight to the point.

Most social media users want to be able to scroll through their feed quickly, stopping occasionally to have a brief laugh, maybe learn a thing or two, and then keep scrolling on to something new. To maintain harmony in this rapid-fire style of media consumption, you’ll usually want to keep videos under a minute long so that users don’t click away before they hear your message.

Tip: Add captions! A lot of people scroll through social media on public transportation, in libraries, or even at work (shhh!), so they may have their sound off. It’s also inclusive for people who may have hearing impairments or other disabilities. Having captions is a win-win for everyone!

Post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular social media websites.

Host directly on the platform provided by the site.

Check out this video posted to Go Pro’s Instagram page:

The thumbnail is of a man in a wingsuit, mid-air, on the wing of a plane, so we already know this is going to be cool. The rest of the video features short, action-packed, dynamic clips from a longer video on YouTube, and the video in its entirety is under a minute long. They even included captions!


Content Marketing Videos

Key functions: Education and Entertainment

People come to the Internet to acquire something. While many do go in search for material goods, users are also looking to gain knowledge, have a laugh, enjoy photos and written material, make friends, and more. You can capitalize on this by giving your audience something of value in return for their attention.

Unlike social media clips, these videos are typically found when a user searches for more information on a topic. “But what about marketing my brand?!” you may be thinking, but don’t fret because there are so many clever ways to incorporate your brand’s values and message into a video that appears to be solely instructional on the surface. And, by providing the user with helpful knowledge, you are also establishing yourself as an expert on the subject, which raises the value and legitimacy of your brand.

Post in an article or blog on your website.

Host on YouTube (and use the right keywords and tags to secure a top spot on Google search results!)

Ever think you’d be seeking cooking advice from an outdoor outfitting company?

This video on REI Co-Op’s Facebook page is a great example of how to educate, entertain, and expand your brand’s reach all in one video!


Conversion Videos

Key functions: Sharing brand values and storytelling

This is where you get the opportunity to dive deep into who you are and what your brand is all about. The people who are going to be watching these videos are likely those who have already been captivated by your message. Great! You hooked ‘em. Now what?

Let’s look at some different kinds of Conversion Videos that you can use to promote your product or service:

About Video – provides an origin story and background of your brand.

Explanation Video – a more in-depth look at how your product or service works, breaking it down piece by piece.

Product/Service Video – demonstrate the benefits of your product or service

Testimonial Video – features actual customers talking about positive experiences with your brand; builds trust and credibility

Post to your brand’s website.

Host on video platforms such as Vimeo, Viddler, Brightcove or Wistia.

One of my personal favorite marketing videos is from Chipotle. Click the image below to watch the whole thing, you won’t be disappointed!

This adorable animated video is heartfelt and entertaining, but best of all it actually says quite a lot about Chipotle’s brand. Namely, that their ingredients are sustainably sourced, which instills in the viewer a feeling that Chipotle really cares about their customers and the environment.

The best thing about marketing videos is that they do your work for you. Once they’re out there, they will consistently draw people into your brand as long as they continue to circulate around the web. And if you follow the tips above on where to host and post, you can maximize your reach and grow your brand faster and more effectively than ever before.