How To Get Over The Monday Morning Blues

*Ahhhh* Monday has reared its head yet again. If you’re one of the many people that are struggling to get motivated today, there’s quite a few ways you can get yourself out of the slumps. Monday blues don’t have to deter you, they don’t even have to happen if you do some self-love and prepare wisely for everyone’s least favorite day of the week. Here are some of our go-to combatants to the Monday Blues.

  • Unplug The Weekend Before: Prepare for a day you *may* be dreading by staying away from work-oriented tasks until that day. Save your Saturday and Sunday for the things you love to do. Draw aย boundary line at the door of your office and don’t re-enter it until Monday morning!
  • Have a Post-Work Plan: Your days should not only be about what happens in the 4 walls of your office. You shouldn’t be “just getting through it” but giving yourself something to really celebrate! So, plan a date night or make your favorite dinner at home or treat yourself to a night in binge-watching your favorite Netflix show.
  • Keep Your Schedule Light: In addition to planning something fun to doย after hours, be sure to keep your 9-5 schedule light. If you over stimulate yourself at the beginning of the week you will burn-out quickly. Save the heavy-lifting for later in the week!
  • Dress For Success: When you look good, you feel good – we all know it’s true! So don your favorite outfit on Monday morning to give yourself that extra confidence boost that will push you through the rest of the day.
  • Jam Out: Today’s the day to listen to a playlist of all your favoriteย songs as you get ready to go to work. Turn it on full blast while you’re dressing and driving to the office to get your mood boosted.
  • Take Small Breaks: Treat yo’self to a few small breaks throughout the day. Nothing excessive to where you no longer accomplish tasks, but a few 5 minute walks can re-energize and re-focus your brain to get through the day!
  • Don’t Stay Glued To The Desk: Finally, don’t eat your lunch in your cubicle! Walk to the break room, sit outside, drive to the local deli – anything! Just remove yourself from your computer!


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