We’re lucky enough to be smack dab in the middle of a booming food, coffee, cocktail and clothing scene. A few minutes in each direction and we are in a mecca for foodies and connoisseurs of all kinds. All of us at WIDSIX have our favorite spots (some may even say we are addicted to them), so we wanted to share a few of those with you! If you’re on the hunt for the best burgers, tacos, beer selection and more you most definitely will want to read on. If you’re not looking to have a good time, you may exit the building now πŸ˜‰

Masterpiece Donuts + Coffee

If you’re the kind of person who likes to start the day off with something a little sweeter, look no more! Masterpiece Donuts + Coffee on Indian School & 40th Street is aΒ customΒ *yes, you read that right!* donut shop. You get to choose which glaze, topping AND drizzle goes on top of your freshly baked breakfast pastry. The combinations are limitless, and the price is unmatchable. Pair your perfect donut with a hot coffee and you’re ready for whatever life throws at you!

Four Peaks BreweryΒ 

Beer drinkers and pub food fanatics can all agree that Four Peaks is one of the best local spots in Arizona…and aptly named after Arizona’s own mountain range. The Tempe location is our destination of choice, but North Scottsdale has a spot too. The beers’ consistency, flavor, and power makes it a stand-out in the local scene but the extensive food menu really sets it over the top. You can’t go wrong with any of the brews on tap, but Kilt Lifter and 8th Street Ale are easily the popular choices, but you be the judge! Pair it with a Lamb Burger, the Mac & Cheese or a Salmon BLT and you’re set.

The Henry

Arizona Food Scene and Fox Restaurant Concepts are synonymous. Our personal go-to for breakfast and lunch is The Henry in the Arcadia area. While there are an infinite number of spots in that neighborhood of Phoenix, this one is a head above the rest. The staff, the ambiance, and the quality of the food are just a few of the reasons this local spot is a must-go. We recommend hitting up their happy hour, you’ll thank us later!

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La Pinata Mexican Restaurant

Everyone loves Taco Tuesday! Arizona undoubtedly has the best Mexican restaurant scene in the country so everyone has a different opinion on the best place to go. For a killer deal, huge portion, and great energy we always suggest La Pinata on 7th Avenue…it’s the Sonoran style spot of your dreams.Β  The shredded beefΒ  and chicken tacos come in a deep friend taco shell and only run you $2 on Tuesday. What more could you ask for?


CrΓͺpe Baror

If you’re feeling a little French, then you’ve found your hearts desire in this Tempe gem. CrΓͺpes come in savory or sweet and it’s hard for us to decide with is more delicious. Keep in mind, this glorious restaurant is only open until 2pm, so you have to get your fix in early or you’ll miss out on all the goodness inside. In typical French fashion, you can also pair your crΓͺpe with a sparkling beverage and call it a day!

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