Why You Should Be Using Shopify As a Small Business Owner

Shopify is among the most popular ecommerce software out there, and for good reason. It’s easy to use, visually appealing, secure and reliable, features powerful marketing tools, and offers amazing customer support. It’s almost a no-brainer: If your small business deals with ecommerce, you should be using Shopify. Shopify is a great place for small business owners to start, and in this article we’ll outline the top reasons why!

Wondering why you should choose Shopify over all other ecommerce platforms? Here are a few reasons that Shopify stands out among the competition:

1. It’s extremely easy to use.

 If you’re a small business owner and aren’t familiar with all of the complicated moving parts that come along with ecommerce platforms, then Shopify is great because of its easy-to-use tools and interfacing. Business owners can fully focus on growing their brand and selling products without being bogged down by complex technology and tedious administrative tasks.

2. Visually pleasing and plenty of design options. 

The way your online storefront appears to customers is a bigger deal than many people realize. Having a professional-looking online store is effective at enticing customers to buy your products, but a poorly designed, difficult to navigate online shop will be a deterrent. The good news is, Shopify offers tons of gorgeous, clean storefront themes. There are only 10 free-to-use templates, but the paid options are plentiful and you’re likely to find exactly what you’re looking for. Themes are also conveniently broken down by industry: Art & Photography, Jewelry & Accessories, Food & Beverage, Furniture, etc.

3. Tons of helpful plugins.

Shopify’s 1,200+ plugins are consistently cited as being one of their strongest benefits. These apps are awesome at helping you automate your tasks, freeing you up to be able to put more energy into things like marketing and increasing sales. There are apps to assist you with accounting, customer service, inventory, reporting, shipping, and much more! These are invaluable to a small business owner.

4. Excellent 24/7 customer support.

Shopify’s support team is incredibly responsive and dedicated. You can reach them via live chat, email, or phone.

5. Marketing tools galore.

Shopify has a wealth of marketing tools to help you increase your brand’s reach. You can:

  • Create discount codes
  • Promote and sell your products on Shopify, Pinterest, and other social media.
  • Employ SEO by inserting relevant keywords to web copy and product descriptions
  • Post blogs to increase your SEO rankings.
  • Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to increase the speed of content delivery to mobile shoppers, improving the shopping experience of your customers and prioritizing SEO for Google.
  • Get a sitemap auto-generated for you.

6. Affordable basic plan.

For a relatively low monthly subscription of $29 per month, you can build and run a fully functional online store that will allow you to sell digital or physical goods. Shopify also offers first-time users a free 14-day trial so you can get a good idea if the platform will suit your needs.

In conclusion…

Shopify is definitely one of our top choices for small businesses in need of an ecommerce software/platform. But if you’ve read the article and still aren’t convinced, remember that Shopify offers a 14-day free trial so you can get in there and test everything out yourself. In fact, we recommend doing this before deciding on any product, as each business has different needs depending on a wide variety of factors. But we think you’ll like Shopify — give it a try! 😉