Take The Road Untraveled

Heading home from work on a Friday is a glorious feeling…until you arrive at your destination only to realize that you don’t remember the drive home.

Life is an abundance of choices. From the moment we wake to the moment we sleep, we make thousands of decisions. Our decisions come from past decisions we have made and the learning curve we have established since making our last decision. The brain, in an attempt to reduce the number of decisions we use energy on, sets many of our choices and actions on autopilot. If we are not careful this autopilot mode can get us into some trouble as well as leave us feeling unsatisfied.

Routine is rooted in autopilot mode and gives us comfort in doing the same thing over and over because it is comfortable. Our repetitious behavior limits brain growth and stunts our momentum to move forward. Getting caught doing the same thing day in and day out only leaves us restless because our basic need for exploration is not being met. Making the brain work will change the course of our day to day life. This change starts with the undeniable choice to stretch ourselves and the way your brain functions when on autopilot.

Working each day this week to shake up my routine has led me to a path of more fulfillment. Life has become my laboratory, feeding my curiosity to learn more and become better. Don’t get me wrong, this change hasn’t happened overnight nor have I become a master of living a life committed to shaking up the system. I have simply begun my journey to rewiring the brain and changing my brain’s autopilot mode so that I may gain the intelligence to control my reactions to the everyday trials of life and take advantage of each moment that has been given to me. The purpose of choosing a path different from the “normal” routine leads to an increased amount of spontaneous courage, an amplified feeling of being fully alive in the moment and the opportunity to live life by our own design.

Why work to do the same thing everyday, when you can live each day with spontaneity that leads you to experience a full life and an abundance of joy? If you want to see life from a fresh perspective, wake up each morning and ask yourself, “ What is no one else doing today?” Then do that. Let’s be different today, let’s be different everyday and take the road you’ve yet to travel. 


  • The big man in charge is out here, living his best life this summer.

Hey Robyn, you're looking good in that @iconicarizona hat. #WIDSIX
  • We can't get over this little nugget. 🐶 Our client Kelly's pup is the cutest thing we've ever seen and we thought you all should see him. So...you're welcome.
  • We think those #WIDSIX stickers look right at home on our #WIDSIXCrushWednesday's laptop, don't you agree? Daphne's been a constant supporter of what we do and we are honored she reps us on the daily. Thanks for being a badass female entrepreneur and keep grinding, girl! 🖤
  • We're just sitting here lusting over the work our client did on this truck! That red though 🤩 Seriously, @smcvinylworks is the best in the valley if you're looking to upgrade your ride. #smcvinylworks
  • Get up. Grind. Repeat. 💪 #getyourhustleon
  • T*G*I*F 😁 But for real, though, we're always cheesin' this hard when we're together. #lovewhatyoudo #WIDSIX
📸: @mitchwolfert
  • We've got a hankering for a game of cornhole (or bags 🙄). Anyone wanna challenge us to a face-off? Winner buys the beers!
  • We're thankful to live in this country and in this state. 🔴⚪🔵 We wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July with those you love most.
  • #TacoTuesday 🌮 is one of our favorite days of the week. We're sharing a few of our suggestions of the best places to snag the delicacy around the valley.
📍: Los Favoritos on Broadway & McClintock
📍: Rosita's Place on 24th & McDowell
📍: Lulu's Taco on Gilbert & Guadalupe
  • Have you toyed with the idea of using influencer marketing for your brand? There's a lot more that goes into planning and executing this than just finding a cute girl with a big following. Click the link in our bio for more info! ⬆ #WIDSIX

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