Feeling the Fear and Going Ahead Anyway

The idea of blind confidence has always seemed elusive to me. Probably because I’m the type of person who finds myself feeling anxious in seemingly harmless situations. This notion of people being so confident in themselves despite a lack of skill or education is something to be both revered and feared. However, one has to admit there is power in having a lack of fear, especially when speaking about the world of business.

Time and experience has lent its way to greater confidence yet I can’t deny the fear and anxiety that regularly creep their way into my life. If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably found yourself asking, how can I overcome this feeling? What piece of the mindset puzzle am I missing?

After searching for the root of my anxiety, I found something encouraging. I realized that these feelings were manifesting themselves in situations that were new and challenging. I was putting myself in environments that were unfamiliar and coincidentally I was conquering mini inner battles with myself one meeting or pitch at a time.

Knowing all this hasn’t caused the anxiety to go away, rather, I acknowledge its presence and kindly tell it to come along for the ride. I’ve transformed the feelings of doubt into a challenge with myself, either I win or it does and I say, GAME ON.

So I challenge you to not wish your fears and anxieties away, quite the opposite, welcome these feelings because most likely it’s because your doing something that in the end will make you a better, stronger individual.

Like Edmund Hillary said, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”.