Artificial Intelligence + Marketing

The time is nigh… the robots are taking over… and they’ve come for our campaigns…

Well, in a sense. But it’s not as ominous as it sounds. You may think robots, androids, and cyborgs (oh my!), when in actuality, artificial intelligence is simply a computer or machine with the capability to “learn”, much like in the way humans do. This doesn’t mean they replicate the human psyche in any way, but they do have the ability to perform tasks like speech recognition, problem-solving, learning, and planning. 

And, at the height of the Digital Age, the amount of information available to us has skyrocketed, and we’re able to collect oodles of data. How can we possibly process and analyze all of this data to give customers exactly what they’re looking for?

Enter: AI.

What does AI look like in marketing?

Consumers are giving up a lot of personal information nowadays, and with that increase of value given, they begin to expect much more. And why shouldn’t they? We have all of this amazingly rich data at our fingertips that we requested, so we should be able to find a way to use this to narrow in and personalize each customer’s experience. 

AI-driven market research is a streamlined, extremely fast process that uses machine learning to get results in the blink of an eye. Not only can this technology generate insights, but it also provides recommendations that inform business decisions. And, the longer it runs over time, the smarter it gets. This can help you…

Dig deeper into your consumer’s wants and needs

Now, this might sound creepy… (and it kind of is) but with AI, advertisers know exactly what consumers and thinking, feeling, and talking about in real-time. And the even crazier part is that all of this data is provided to “the machine” by you —completely willingly — at some point. AI just takes what you’ve given it and runs it through a system to compile everything. The sheer amount of data that AI can collect on a person’s demographics, consumer history, actions are taken, etc allows us to create extremely detailed profiles on each one of our previous, current, and potential conversions. The insights from this data and the refined profiles help marketers to quickly modify messaging or branding to maximize their effectiveness on the consumer. 

Optimize digital advertising campaigns

AI can provide a much deeper insight and analysis of advertising campaigns than traditional methods have been able to produce. It can tap into the trillions of keywords that have been used in searches, consumers’ social profiles, and other accessible online data to create smarter and more effective digital ads. This can be used to control what kinds of ads are shown to a person. No more wasting time and money showing ads to people are less likely to bite!

Personalize web content

With artificial intelligence, you can enhance the visitor experience by using the data you’ve collected to customize your visitor’s experience. Intelligent algorithms can analyze hundreds of data points about a single user, and then use the results to display more relevant offers and content. They can also signal push notifications to deliver the right message at the right time.

Personalized email content

Algorithms can track a subscriber’s actions on the website as well as email browsing data to better understand the person’s interactions with the content that is sent to them. 

In conclusion…

This isn’t all that Artificial Intelligence makes possible. In fact, the possibilities are kind of endless. This technology can do amazing things, and help personalize the customer experience like never before.