The Value of Visual Branding

The word “branding” can be an enigma to many new and small business owners. The term can be misrepresented as just a logo or a cool name, but at its essence it is so much more. A brand identity is the sum of all of it’s parts: the symbol, the name, the color, the font and any other items you’d include that shape how your brand is perceived. It is what differentiates you from the sea of other companies bidding for the clientele you’re pursuing. But most importantly, it is your promise to your customer.

A logo and a color palette alone do not make a brand identity. A good identity is well thought-out to make it:

  • Distinct: It stands out among competitors and catches your audience’s attention.
  • Memorable: It makes a visual impact. 
  • Scalable and flexible: It can grow and evolve with the brand.
  • Cohesive: Each piece complements the brand identity.
  • Easy to apply: It’s intuitive and clear for designers.

The value of a strong and consistent visual branding is that it creates awareness, recognition and buzz. It sets your tone as a company, represents your values, and gives you a starting point when it comes to your marketing approach. Having a measuring stick to evaluate the marketing efforts and campaigns keep the uniformity in tact.

It’s important to maintain a consistent visual identity in your branding, since that’s how people will recognize you. Having a set brand style guide will ensure your marketing materials are always on track and look as on brand as possible.

Creating this  requires deep thinking and foresight, but the results are well worth it. Creating this identity tedious, but if done with intentionality, honesty, and flexibility will always bring the best outcome.