The World Does Not Revolve Around You

On a day to day basis I see so many people consumed with their problems. The perception of these people is that struggles that are worse than anyone could imagine, however that is not necessarily the case. We all go through struggles facing similar emotions and have to find ways to rise above that and find happiness.

Every individual is going to experience their own trials in their own timing and they may not look exactly like yours or mine, but there are commonalities in them. The fact that everyone lives a life that is messy, and divided, and difficult brings everyone together.

To get passed this we must remember to worry less. Dwelling will only steal our own joy. Life moves on and that is very reassuring. Focusing on what is going right helps our bridge to happiness grow. As a student, I stressed about every individual assignment. It was as if good grades would ultimately determine my success and happiness. I let go of my fear of perfection and focused on what brings me joy. Each day I make sure to find ways to incorporate the activities that bring me joy. Look outside your problems, it is relieving not to ponder on them. In my humble opinion, it also set the path to becoming a better person too. It feels good to do good and thus be good!