Top Rated Traffic Getting Tools

Tool #1 – ManyChat

Description From The Developer: ManyChat is the #1 bot platform on Facebook Messenger for marketing, e-commerce, and support.Qualify leads, nurture prospects, take payments, create promotions…ManyChat is built for marketing.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Businesses on Facebook have a large arsenal of marketing tools at their disposal, including ManyChat. This bot service can actually help a company grow its sales and leads without you having to be tethered to the social media site 24/7. 

ManyChat integrates seamlessly into Facebook, offering a digital presence whether you’re at the computer or not. This makes your company accessible — at least in the eyes of the consumer — around the clock, which is good news. The service currently touts an 80% open rate, which means consumers open up 80% of the messages that pop up, and a 25% click-through rate, which means the viewer clicks the link in the message. The link could lead to a sign-up form or a product/service page. Regardless, it’s engaging your target audience when you’re sleeping or too busy to check on messages. 

ManyChat is simple to use. Users pick a theme that coordinates with the business or brand, and there are templates that suit multiple business categories. The bot can help grow subscriber lists by connecting to existing FB ads, capturing visitors on a website and importing existing contact lists. 

There are two versions of ManyChat: Free and Pro. The free service has ManyChat branding but still gives access to limited growth tools, broadcasting sequences, and tags. The Pro edition runs from $15 to $145 a month for up to 25,000 subscribers but businesses who need more can contact the service to get a custom quote for their needs. There’s also a one-month money-back guarantee for those who don’t feel it works for them.

Tool #2 – OneSignal

Description From The Developer: OneSignal is the market leader in customer engagement, powering mobile push, web push, email, and in-app messages.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

Reaching customers is essential for marketing your products and services. OneSignal helps improve conversion rates by offering a variety of different push notification methods designed to grab the customer’s attention. 

OneSignal has different approaches including mobile, web, in-app and email, designed to help businesses reach consumers from different angles. It’s quick to set up, taking approximately 15 minutes to get started, and easy to integrate. It works with over 1,400 services and even works for developers looking to create their own code. 

With OneSignal, company owners can use the dashboard tools to see how effective their push notifications are with real-time reporting that’s accessible anywhere, anytime. A/B testing makes it easy to see which notifications are more effective and it automatically sends the higher-performing one. OneSignal segments the notifications to reach the right target audience and can scale to reach millions of subscribers in an instant. 

Pricing for OneSignal starts at $0 for the free account, which offers the basic features and service for up to 30,000 web and unlimited mobile subscribers. The Starter package, which costs $99 per month, offers quicker service, integrated data security and a myriad of tools designed to help with conversion rates. The Pro edition is for those who need to reach subscribers with lightning speed and prefer to work with a dedicated account manager. It costs $500 per month.

Tool #3 – Gleam

Description From The Developer: Gleam is a growth marketing platform to help businesses run engaging campaigns to attract new and retain existing customers. Gleam offers four apps to capture emails, build content galleries, offer instant rewards, and run competitions embedded on your site, all on one dashboard.

Our summary Of The Tool:

In order to grow a business, it’s necessary to grow the customer list and what better way to do that than to turn to Gleam, a growth marketing platform? With four essential tools needed to expand your reach, it’s no wonder why many companies turn to Gleam when looking for a marketing solution. 

Companies who run competitions for giveaways and sweepstakes can benefit from the competition feature Gleam offers. It’s easy to set up and Gleam does all the work. Eliminate scams with the verified actions feature which also reduces the number of steps a registrant needs to complete. It has viral sharing and a one-click entry for those who are on social media. 

With the instant rewards app, companies can offer incentives for customer participation like listing the number of desired actions to unlock coupons or downloads as rewards. It also allows you to integrate links and redirects to send customers to specific pages after they redeem their rewards. This app helps to increase user engagement in an effective way that also rewards them, which makes completing the actions more desirable. 

Gleam’s Gallery app lets users curate content from over 15 sites to display to help draw in consumers. This gallery can be embedded in any HTML code, at any size, and viewers can interact with it — whether viewing, sharing or voting on the pictures they like the most. 

Building up sales leads is also possible with Gleam’s email capture app. Not only can users choose a template that matches their brand, but they can also set rules to ensure the forms reach the correct users at just the right time. You can implement rules such as geolocation, current URL, or even time on site. It’s fully responsive and easy to install, making it a simple solution for those looking to grow their lists. 

Interested users can purchase one or all of the apps, depending on their needs. Competitions starts at $10 per month, while the other three apps — Rewards, Galleries and Captures — start at $29 per month. Those looking to purchase all four can do so at a reduced cost starting at $97 per month.

Tool #4 – Friendbuy

Description From The Developer: Friendbuy’s refer-a-friend programs offer unsurpassed ROI, expanding your reach and transforming customers into loyal and engaged brand advocates. Friendbuy leverages the power of word-of-mouth referrals to scale your business.

Our summary Of The Tool:

One of the greatest assets a business has is satisfied customers who then spread the word to their friends and family members. Word of mouth is such an effective marketing tool that Friendbuy capitalizes on it. 

Friendbuy is a tool that’s built to draw even more customers to a business with what’s known as “refer-a-friend” programs. They can be activated on a mobile app or website with widgets that pop-up at just the right time to inspire customers to share the code or link and often get a reward in return. Fulfillment rewards are automated and consist of loyalty points, account credits, coupon codes, and more, with no need for the business owner or marketing team to do anything. 

Friendbuy offers quick, seamless access to experts in customer success to help come up with high-end campaigns that actually work. With a robust analytics suite and reporting capability, determining which marketing strategies work is effortless. 

Once the referrals are out, all that’s left to do is wait for new customer acquisitions, which helps grow the network and improve sales and ROI. 

Friendbuy offers a free 30-day trial that doesn’t require a credit card, so if you don’t like the tool and forget to cancel, you won’t be charged. There are three levels of subscription plans: Starter, Deluxe, and Enterprise. Starter costs $249 per month while Deluxe is $749 per month. Enterprise accounts come with additional features such as a dedicated manager and managed program launch. To get started with Enterprise, prospective customers have to speak with the Friendbuy team.

Tool #5 – PushCrew

Description From The Developer: PushCrew offers browser push notifications for web and mobile. Re-engage visitors and drive them back to your website from anywhere on the browser. PushCrew offers powerful features to drive customer engagement & growth.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

There’s nothing worse than a customer losing interest while they’re shopping on a site. With PushCrew, businesses can re-engage these customers, drawing their interest back to the products or services offered. 

The tool comes with several powerful features including rich push notifications that include photos, appealing to the shopper’s visual side. Tracking subscribers is simple with the segmentation feature that makes it possible to group them according to their activities and create special push notifications based on their shopping habits. 

A/B testing makes it easy to compare campaigns and deliver the one(s) that are performing the best, and a supercharged dashboard shows results of the campaigns in real-time. 

PushCrew seamlessly integrates into many eCommerce platforms including Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress and Joomla, to name a few. The tool is versatile and works with most browsers including Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Android. They offer a free 30-day trial to get started, and best of all, it’s obligation-free  — no credit card required. 

There are also subscription plans that users can sign up for, starting with a free plan that allows for up to 2,000 subscribers. Premium and Business start at $25 and $75 per month, respectively, but it’s possible to save 30% by paying annually instead of monthly. Enterprise accounts come with significantly more features and require a customized quote.

Tool #6 – LeadQuizzes

Description From The Developer: Create powerful quizzes to capture and qualify your leads with quiz types like personality, diagnostic, trivia, and true/false options to easily drive traffic and take control of your lead generation.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

When it comes to gaining leads, many companies rely on emails and newsletters, but what if there was a better way? Enter LeadQuizzes, a tool that lets users create quizzes and surveys designed to catch the customer’s attention while they’re on a website. 

The quizzes and surveys are easy to create, with no need for a developer. Users simply select a layout and the type of questions they’d like answered, and go to work creating one within minutes. 

With LeadQuizzes, users can share their quizzes as part of an ad campaign, a pop-up on their website or through email. Once prospective customers fill out the survey, the user can view the results, even segmenting them in order to learn more about the reach the company has. 

This tool even works for agencies, as they can create quizzes and surveys for multiple clients and manage them all from a single login. It integrates seamlessly with several popular platforms including MailChimp and Facebook. 

LeadQuizzes has three different subscription plans: Entrepreneur, Business and Enterprise & Agency. The Entrepreneur plan is great for a single website while Business plans support up to 5 websites. They start at $29 and $67 per month, respectively, and come with a 14-day free trial. Enterprise & Agency customers should contact LeadQuizzes for a quote to get started.

Tool #7 – Hello Bar

Description From The Developer: Stop sending traffic to your website without monetizing it! Collect more leads & get more sales with Hello Bar.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

Businesses who aren’t collecting information from those who land on their website are missing out on potential sales and lead building. With Hello Bar, they can engage customers, collect information and use it to drive traffic and business. 

Hello Bar is easy to set up, users simply enter their website URL and the tool goes about helping them create display ads and install bar codes. It’s even possible to create several options and see which ones perform better using A/B testing. Additionally, Hello Bar integrates seamlessly with email and subscriber programs such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp to ensure the ads reach the target audience. 

The dashboard on Hello Bar is robust, allowing users to set targeting conditions and view the analytics of each ad or display bar. This results in more interaction as well as increased traffic and customer action.  

The three plans, Starter, Growth and Elite, cater to different business needs but all allow for an unlimited number of subscribers. The Starter account is free for life, while Growth costs $29 per month and Elite is $99 per month. There are overage charges, however, so it’s important to choose the account that best serves your business needs.

Tool #8 – Contest Domination

Description From The Developer: Contest Domination is the most powerful way to collect qualified leads who want what you do and sell. Quadruple your conversion rates with unlimited traffic & referrals, unlimited email opt-ins, unlimited social followers, high converting templates, and a quick & easy winner selection.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

Businesses who run contests and sweepstakes need to have reliable software to help them collect leads and ensure fairness. That’s where Contest Domination is helpful. A robust tool, it aims to improve conversion rates while helping promote a business.

Contest Domination comes with a host of features including shield technology which is optional but helps safeguard businesses against spam and fraudulent entries. The referral engine helps to boost the number of leads and has been proven — at least in some cases — to bring even more leads in than businesses get from direct traffic. 

The tool is easy for anyone to use, there’s no need to know how to code or have developer experience. There are multiple templates to choose from with a drag-and-drop interface. Those who know how to code can use CSS if they choose. 

With Contest Domination, users can set up a winner selection by either most points or sweepstakes. They can also determine whether there’s one overall winner at the end, or multiple winners to be picked at custom established intervals. Plus, Contest Domination supports several languages, making sure everyone is included. 

Subscribers can choose from one of three plans: solo credits, unlimited and business. The solo credits plan lets users pay per campaign rather than buying a bundle. However, it only allows for one contest where the unlimited and business plans have no limits. The unlimited plan is $40 per month where the business plan is $80 per month. With the business plan, users get branded support, advanced analytics and no mention of Contest Domination.

Tool #9 – Votigo

Description From The Developer: Votigo is a leading social media marketing & promotions company with a SaaS platform and full-service solutions. Votigo’s technology platform allows brands, agencies, and enterprises to acquire, engage, and manage their customers through their full social marketing suite that includes promotions, social apps, publisher, conversation management, and analytics.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

Promotions are a great way for businesses to get their names out there, but they often are time-consuming to put together and run. Votigo simplifies the process by making it possible to create sweepstakes, campaigns and contests quickly and efficiently. 

Users can create nearly any type of contest they want including instant-win, trivia, photo sweepstakes or random draw, to name a few. Run the sweepstakes on a website, on social media with hashtags, or even through email, the possibilities are nearly endless. 

The purpose of the contests is to not only draw a winner but also to gain leads which come from entrants and those they referred. Business owners and marketing agencies can then use this information to create tailored campaigns and drive traffic, and thus sales. 

Votigo has several different pricing plans available including Standard, Pro and Enterprise, which start at $240 per month and increase depending on the level and whether the customer pays annually or monthly. The Enterprise subscription requires a custom quote and those looking for custom plans can also contact Votigo for solutions that meet their needs.

Tool #10 – Woobox

Description From The Developer: Woobox provides everything you need to create giveaways, custom forms, hashtag contests, coupons, polls, quizzes, photo contests and more for endless campaigns through one marketing platform.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

There are many reasons why companies run campaigns, but it all boils down to collecting sales leads and capitalizing on increased traffic. Woobox makes it possible to create multiple types of campaigns. Companies can then use the information they gather to create targeted plans to drive sales. 

With Woobox, users can create a number of campaign types including coupons, polls, forms, contests, giveaways, instant wins and more. But that’s not all, instead of limiting the campaigns to a static website landing page, users can implement them nearly anywhere. They work seamlessly as email ads, pop-ups, on social media sites and even in mobile apps. 

Once the applicants enter the contest, the business has access to their information and can further engage them. This means capturing their attention and driving it to products or services that benefit them. 

Woobox comes with several different price points that start with the free account and end with the power account, which costs $249 per month and is ideal for agencies and enterprises. The basic, standard and advanced cost $37, $32 and $99 per month, respectively. The free plan is great for anyone who is looking to test drive the features before subscribing to a paid plan.

Tool #11 – ViralSweep

Description From The Developer: ViralSweep is the viral marketing platform with tools to grow your email list, increase engagement, and generate sales through sweepstakes, contests, instant win, referrals, comments, email forms, hashtags, promotion, and networking.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

Customer engagement leads to more sales and the potential to compile more customer information. This makes it easy to send out future campaigns and increase traffic to a website. ViralSweep helps users create stunning campaigns designed to catch the consumer’s attention and drive them to take action. 

Users can create several different types of campaigns from sweepstakes and contests to hashtags and email forms. They’re easy to set up and can be ready to go in mere minutes after signing up. 

ViralSweep is a versatile tool that works on many different platforms including the most popular ones such as Facebook, WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify. It also works well with other campaign tools such as Constant Contact, Bronto and MailChimp. 

Users interested in signing up for ViralSweep will find three plans available: Starter, Business and Premium. All three of these plans have unlimited promotions and entries, but the number of features increases with each one. Starter costs $49 per month, while Business is $199 per month and Premium is $399 per month.

Tool #12 – Quick Sprout

Description From The Developer: Quick Sprout’s aim is to help you grow your business online and get more traffic. Quick Sprout put together their best tips on how to create a website, finding the best web hosting provider, and in-depth digital marketing guides.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

When starting a business, it can be confusing learning the ins and outs of SEO, driving traffic and actually seeing results with millions of other competitors seeking to do the same. Quick Sprout is a comprehensive website that’s chock full of tips to help businesses succeed. 

There are several topics covered on the website including how to create a website, starting a blog, hosting and email services that stand above the rest. Users have access to all of the content which includes guides on nearly everything associated with eCommerce, whether you’re selling services or products. 

The guides on Quick Sprout include several must-read topics such as learning how to copywrite for a target audience, how to start an online store and the art of conversion optimization. Reviews are also included, helping visitors determine which services are best for them, without having to try each one and waste valuable time. 

Quick Sprout is a free resource for anyone or any company looking for the best way to make an impact online. Whether it’s a simple blog looking to gain readers and derive income, or a high-end boutique looking to gain more conversions, there’s something for everyone.

Tool #13 – Opinion Stage

Description From The Developer: Opinion Stage is an interactive content creation platform (.e.g quizzes, polls, slideshows, surveys, forms, interactive articles, etc). Brands, agencies & publishers use Opinion Stage to create powerful content that boosts engagement, generates leads/revenue, drives traffic & gathers actionable insights.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is simply building a website and hoping customers will come. Unfortunately, that can lead to disappointing results because it’s necessary to engage customers and interact with them to get the desired sales and leads. Opinion Stage is an in-depth tool that aims to capture the customer’s attention, so businesses can focus on what’s important. 

With Opinion Stage, there are three steps, with the first one being to create. The tool comes with multiple templates or users can start from scratch. It’s easy to get started and it’s possible to have the first campaign ready to go within just a few minutes. 

After the campaign’s created, it’s time to add it to the company’s site. It works on more than just websites though, it’s also good for apps and social media sites, further extending the company’s reach. 

Once the campaigns are live, it’s important to know how they’re performing. With the analytics dashboard, it’s easy to see which ones are driving more revenue and which are collecting more leads. 

Opinion Stage comes with a Basic plan that’s free to give users a taste of what the company has to offer. Those who are interested in proceeding can choose the Starter, Small Business or Performance plans, which run $19, $65 and $199 per month when billed at the annual rate.

Tool #14 – Sumo

Description From The Developer: Sumo turns site visitors into ecommerce customers by reducing cart abandonment, growing your email list, and increasing order value. Sumo’s goal is to help grow your website.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

There’s nothing more discouraging than finding out that customers left a website with a cart full of items unpurchased, but this happens to millions of companies every day. Sumo seeks to change this and improve customer engagement with a series of tools designed to help companies flourish. 

Sumo has three different purposes: reduce cart abandonment, increase order value and grow email lists. The reduce cart abandonment feature offers customers an incentive to stay on the website and finish their transaction. In order to increase order value, Sumo has the user create a specified dollar amount to reach in order to gain an incentive — such as a discount on total purchase. With the email list, having more leads is better and the popup prompts customers to sign up to get a discount on future orders. 

Sumo comes with a free trial period of 14 days, after which users can cancel their plan and never pay a cent. Subscription plans include a free account which has basic features and a pro plan, which costs $49 per month, but users can save $10 per month if they pay annually.