Top Rated Reviewed Website Analytics Tools

Tool #1 – Google Analytics

Description From The Developer: Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Building a website is a must for anyone looking to offer goods or services for sale these days. But how do you know if the website is proving to be effective? One of the most powerful online suites available to individuals and marketers, Google has an analytics tool that simplifies tracking all action on a website. Once they sign up, users get an API code to enter on the page(s) they want to track and within mere hours, the data’s available. 

Analytics is more than just who visited a website, it can tell business owners and marketers alike what the visitors did on the site. Did they visit one page, then leave? Or did they visit several pages on the website and make a purchase or inquiry? With Google Analytics’ in-depth reports, it’s easy to see how advertising campaigns performed, look at visitor behavior and flow, and conversion reports for starters. Each report can be customized to fit the user’s real-time needs. 

The data analysis feature is available on desktop and mobile devices so users can access it anywhere. 

Like most of its tools, Google’s Analytics is free to set up and use. However, those who want a more robust system with features that include access to Google’s Cloud enterprise can sign up for Analytics 360. Analytics 360 comes with a charge, but interested users have to speak with the sales department for a quote.

Tool #2 – ClickMeter

Description From The Developer: ClickMeter’s goal is to help marketers take control of their marketing links and maximize their conversion rates. With a portfolio of tools available through a single virtual platform users can monitor, compare and optimize all their links in one place.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Marketing campaigns are a must in today’s eCommerce world. ClickMeter has hundreds of features that make it simple to track a website or ad’s performance based on several factors. 

The redirect features let users send visitors to specific pages based on factors such as country, languages, device type and even sale days. This maximizes the chances of conversions. The redirect features also make it possible to cloak affiliate codes, customize page titles and brand tracking links. 

It’s important to know what visitors are doing on the website, so the track features break it down into easy to read reports that highlight the timestamp of the visit, IP address, country or region, and what keywords were used if any. Users can set up multiple landing pages and then run the Split (A/B) test to determine which one is more effective. 

Analyzing a site or ad’s performance is essential to making the necessary changes in a business’ favor. With the analyze features, all of the information from a marketing campaign is at the user’s fingertips. Conversion rates, datapoint reports such as top viewers and their locations along with top keywords used in daily, weekly or monthly formats. 

ClickMeter also has collaborate, integrate and develop features that optimize website and marketing campaigns to make them powerful and enhance results. 

ClickMeter has several different levels of subscriptions, with prices ranging from $29 to $3,990 per month, depending on the number of events and data points the user needs for their ads.

Tool #3 – Grytics

Description From The Developer: Grytics is a SaaS solution for SocialMedia Analytics on Facebook groups, for Community Managers, WebMarketers and PR. Get Groups insights, reporting & data archive, and optimize publishing to boost your impact.

Our summary Of The Tool:

If a company is not on Facebook, they’re missing out. Using the social media site for business, however, is a bit different than using it for personal reasons. Ads can be confusing and drawing traffic a bit challenging. Enter Grytics, an analytics tool designed especially to enhance Facebook performance. Users can see in-depth content metrics, reporting and see where to optimize the page for maximum impact. 

With the insights feature, users can view the KPI of their campaigns including how many reactions, comments and posts there are on the page, as a whole or in relation to a single mention. The Executive Summary gives an insight into the overall picture of Facebook performance and the in-depth content analytics tool makes it easy to see where improvements are needed. 

Get reports about how a group is performing and manage all of the content in one easy-to-use dashboard. It’s also simple to analyze usage and break it down by timezone and time of day. 

Streamline content by adding tags and use the publish tool to publish in real-time or schedule posts for the future. Users can also track history from the day of inception or break it down into 30, 90 or 180-day increments. 

Anyone can try Grytics for 14 days, for free. There’s no credit card required to sign up, and those who want to keep using the tool after the trial period can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription. Enterprise costs $99 per month while Global costs $199 per month. Users who pay annually can save 33% and 37%, respectively.

Tool #4 – Likealyzer

Description From The Developer: Using AI, Likealyzer helps brands succeed on social media by providing actionable insights, not just metrics. Likealyzer acts as your social media advisor and grades your Facebook’s performance by looking at over 70 signals.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

When it comes to social media, it can be hard to tell how your page is performing, especially on Facebook. This is why many people turn to Likealyzer, an analytics tool that examines the page in depth, looking at 70 different data points that effectively evaluate the Facebook page and show where improvements are needed. 

One of the main things that Likealyzer does is pit a user’s Facebook page against millions of others, comparing the different data points and assigning a score that measures performance. Many companies offer the same service, but Likealyzer takes it a bit further. They offer insight and tactics to help boost the setup, look and feel of the user’s page so that the content has the best chances of drawing reader engagement. 

The automated reports feature lets users customize the information they want to see and includes recommendations as well as data point results. The reports are also shareable, so users can send it in real-time instead of exporting and potentially sending out stale data. 

Likealyzer is free for everyone to use. There is no subscription fee or need to sign up. Users simply connect through Facebook or enter their Facebook link to get recommendations, reports or suggestions.

Tool #5 – Wicked Reports

Description From The Developer: Wicked Reports tracks every click and every purchase to see the true ROI of all your marketing investments. You’ll see exactly which ads and emails drive sales so you can stop spending on marketing that doesn’t work–and scale your sales.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Marketing is a learning experience, especially for businesses dabbling in it for the first time. Wicked Reports is a marketing attribution software that makes it easy for business owners and marketing agencies to see just how well ads and campaigns are performing. 

When they create Facebook and Google ads, Wicked Reports automatically adds a link identification, eliminating the need for UTM tags. Plus they have a tracking verification program that ensures everything is working properly before the campaign ever launches. This helps eliminate the need to scramble to fix errors after the fact. 

A nifty feature with Facebook is that users can see their return on investment, or ROI, on the various campaigns, without ever having to leave Facebook’s website. Businesses who use email to send ads or even opt to mail out print ads can still see their ROI and Wicked Reports tracks it all.

The best thing is that Wicked Reports is versatile across multiple platforms. It can be integrated with Shopify, PayPal, WooCommerce and LimeLight to name a few. 

Because its services are variable depending on business needs, the pricing structure is unique to each client. Wicked Reports uses a WickedSmartz™ costing system and interested users should contact the company for a quote.

Tool #6 – Tag Assistant (by Google)

Description From The Developer: Tag Assistant helps to troubleshoot installation of various Google tags including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more. Tag Assistant helps you verify that you have installed various Google tags correctly on your page.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

When people want to track the performance of their ads and specialty links, they often add tags to them. Google Analytics is a popular tagging tool that many businesses use, but there are often problems with the tags, which can lead to skewed results. To help fix this, Google has come out with Tag Assistant, which troubleshoots various Google tag programs including Analytics and Tag Manager. 

Once the Chrome extension is installed, users simply navigate to the pages they have tags on and the assistant goes to work. It will point out the tags that are on the page, report errors the Assistant finds and offer solutions to ensure the tags work properly. 

There’s a recording element as well, where users can record the expected flow and navigation through a website. Google Tag Assistant will then point out all of the areas that raise concerns and help troubleshoot. 

It’s not compatible with all devices, but it does work with most. Like most of Google’s Chrome extensions, it’s free to install and use.

Tool #7 – RapidMiner

Description From The Developer: RapidMiner is a software platform for analytics teams that unites data prep, machine learning, and predictive model deployment. Use RapidMiner to drive revenue, reduce costs, and avoid risk.

Our summary Of The Tool:

RapidMiner’s purpose is to help businesses analyze data quickly and efficiently with machine learning and model deployment. The end goal is to help companies avoid unnecessary risks, lower costs and improve revenue. There are several products for users to choose from in three categories, including prepare and model, collaborate and deploy, and Hadoop and spark. 

The visual workflow designer is created for the entire team. It has a drag-and-drop interface with over 1500 algorithms that can be used for “best-case model” in any situation. Users can connect to all of the data including cloud storage, social media, databases and apps. These connections can be shared and used in several contexts to help evaluate the information. 

The data is easily prepared and with the explore and visualize feature, users can develop an understanding of the various charting and plotting elements while establishing trends, patterns and distributions. 

Those looking to automate the process should look into RapidMiner Server, where they can easily collaborate with teams and automate the tasks to efficiently handle the workload. It’s also a good tool for creating and scaling models, as well as taking action on the insights. 

Rapid Miner comes with various pricing plans, depending on whether users want the Studio, which is remote, or the Server which is on-site. Annual pricing starts at $5,000 per year for virtual service and goes up to $36,000 for onsite service. There’s also the option for pay-as-you-go licensing without a time commitment. 

Tool #8 – Databox

Description From The Developer: Databox pulls all your data into one place, so you can track performance and discover insights in real-time. Pull all your KPIs into one place, build your own dashboards with no coding required, set measurable goals and track your progress.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Databox helps streamline a company’s overview, putting all of its KPIs into a single platform so managers and owners can view their comprehensive successes and failures. With Databox, all of the business performance data is located in a single location, eliminating the need to pay for and log into multiple services to track different performance indicators. 

Because not every business need is the same, Databox gives its users the capability of building their own dashboards. They can define the data they need to evaluate without the need to know how to code it. 

Tracking goals is simplified, too, with over 70 different integrations that users can view on a single dash or create special dashboards for each metric. Speaking of metrics, users can receive alerts and recommendations at any time, not just when the end of the quarter or fiscal year rolls around. Alerts notify users when performance is dropping and insights provide users with ways to improve performance and still meet goals.

Data Calculations is a Databox feature that simplifies the calculations that every business has to do, whether it’s metrics, ROI and conversion rates. No special knowledge of coding or spreadsheets is required. 

Databox has several different subscription plans, including a free one that works for up to 3 users. The basic edition runs at $49 per month while plus and business levels cost $99 and $248 per month respectively.

Tool #9 – Chartbeat

Description From The Developer: Chartbeat informs your editorial strategy and energizes your business with a content analytics platform that centralizes data from your distributed audience and uncovers and visualizes real-time insights around reader engagement.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Chartbeat is a multi-faceted software that works to give business owners and/or marketing agencies the tools they need to succeed, or to help their clients succeed. 

The dashboards update in real-time, giving users insight into performance. They can then filter by metrics including referrer, device type and traffic type. It even integrates with Facebook and Google, making it possible to track all content across the channels. 

The Historical Dashboard works intuitively to evaluate the performance of content, KPIs and trends over extended periods of time. The Automated Insights feature notifies users of trends and benchmarks that can prove to be useful in future business plans. 

Businesses who have multiple websites can also use Chartbeat to track them all at once, in a single dashboard. No need for multiple accounts or subscriptions, it’s all available in a single platform. 

Users can access reports as well as content optimization strategies to see what works and make the necessary improvements such as developing catchy headlines, and improving clickthrough rates. 

Businesses who use apps can use Chartbeat to gauge traffic in many different ways. They can see insight into the traffic and audience size, as well as determine which push notifications are more effective. This data can then be used to tailor push notifications that work and get responses. The native app integration feature also shows which users are on iOS vs Android. 

Chartbeat does not advertise their prices, but invites interested users to reach out and start a discussion about their business needs.

Tool #10 – Qualaroo 

Description From The Developer: Qualaroo gives SaaS companies real insight to the user experience with advanced targeting, dynamic insight reporting, and more. Automate user research so you can spend more time designing products.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

One of the most important things that SaaS companies need to have is customer insight. With Qualaroo they can get this information quickly and efficiently. The software is set up to be targeted, unobtrusive and offer in-depth analysis that’s aimed at improving the customer experience. 

With targeting, users can select when to trigger, remove or update a nudge. They can set parameters such as behavior, domain, a URL or when an element is clicked. The questions presented to viewers and customers can have a theme customized to match the company’s branding, including custom logos, text and a color scheme. They can also determine the best placement where it’ll get the attention the company needs it to.

Insights analysis is important and Qualaroo uses Watson, an IBM engine, to help power their feedback tool: Sentiment Analysis. Sentiment Analysis takes all of the elements of the customer’s behavior and sends insight on how to improve the overall customer experience on the company website. 

Qualaroo has several plans for its users and they can be billed annually or quarterly. Annual subscriptions save the user up to 20%. Startup plans start at $199 per month and the Growth plan is $499 per month. Users can also purchase the Turbo Growth plan which starts at $2,250 per month and is contingent on the type of activities and particular business needs.

Tool #11 – FullStory

Description From The Developer: Discover when, where, and why your customers struggle—costing you lost revenue. FullStory enables you to search, see, and understand your customer’s journey by surfacing points of frustration, errors, and confusion so you can respond.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When designing a website, there are often many elements that a business doesn’t take into consideration. Failure to understand and implement them results in lost revenue. Enter FullStory, a digital intelligence platform that seeks to solve these problems. 

The features are broken down into categories including Record, Search, Replay, Analyze, Collaborate and Integrate. Each one drills down into specific functions that help isolate errors and problem areas to improve the overall customer experience. 

Sometimes basic analytics aren’t enough, and often they leave users with more questions than answers. FullStory offers both quantitative analysis and qualitative research for clarity. The good thing is, users need no special tools to put FullStory to work, the software does it all. 

Many large companies use special support systems and error tracking tools, and FullStory integrates with the major ones. Users can integrate it into Jira, Slack, Trello and many more. 

Precisely locating problem areas helps companies eliminate them once and for all. FullStory works at hyper speeds, to match the never-ending pace of the internet. This means that users can find what they’re looking for at the moment they need it.

FullStory comes in three different plans: Enterprise, Business and a free plan that offers the basics only. Business plans start at $849 per month while Enterprise plans require a call to the company for a specialized quote.

Tool #12 – FullyAccountable

Description From The Developer: Fully Accountable is a full-service accounting firm offering outsourced finance and accounting for eCommerce and digital companies. Choose from outsourced bookkeeping, outsourced accounting, and fractional outsourced CFO advisory services for business.

Our summary Of The Tool:

All businesses need reliable accounting to fully account for everything that occurs in a company’s budget — whether it’s planned or not. FullyAccountable is a full-service firm that works with eCommerce and digital companies to ensure not only that their finances are straight, but also to help with finding new ways to increase cash flow. The company uses Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and digital experts that work together to create a solution for every business. 

FullyAccountable works with those on Amazon, Shopify, Facebook and other online businesses such as affiliates and e-learning. The main services they offer are outsourced accounting, CFO advisory services and a fully-staffed finance department. 

Outsourced accounting services include bookkeepers, payroll, merchant services and even accounts payable and receivable. These services come with professionals that are qualified to handle forecasting, taxes and expense plans. 

CFO advisory services provide forward-thinking ideas to companies aimed at improving success. They do a full financial, opportunity and risk analysis, and even come up with cash flow projections that can help make insightful decisions in terms of business planning such as buying new equipment or hiring additional help. 

The finance department handles the stuff that the other two departments don’t. Tasks such as cash-flow forecasting, stats reporting and budget planning to name a few. 

FullyAccountable’s services are priced according to business needs and are a flat-rate fee, depending on the services users contract.

Tool #13 – UsabilityHub 

Description From The Developer: UsabilityHub is a remote user research platform that takes the guesswork out of design decisions by validating them with real users. The UsabilityHub platform offers a comprehensive suite of testing tools that helps you uncover design issues early, preventing wasted time, effort and user frustration.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

Design work is a big commodity for businesses who look to have websites and social media pages created for their companies. However, even the most talented UI designer stumbles from time to time, and that’s where UsabilityHub proves useful.

This platform hires real testers to navigate websites and give their honest input as to how efficient and effective the site is. It’s ideal for design professionals, marketers and product managers. 

Marketers benefit from the testers when it comes to designing campaigns. UsabilityHub can help fine-tune them in terms of landing pages, creative elements and messaging, ensuring that the campaigns have a higher opportunity for success based on the consumer’s point of view. 

Product managers have the responsibility of appealing to customers to ensure products sell. What better way to do that than to have actual consumers rate the presentation? Testers from a specific target audience — one that the products are aimed at — can validate the concepts presented or point out flaws that need to be addressed before product launch. 

Users interested in UsabilityHub can sign up for a free or paid subscription. Basic, Pro and Team options start at $79, $199 and $396 respectively. Each ascending level contains more features.

Tool #14 – New Relic

Description From The Developer: New Relic’s cloud-based platform gives developers, engineers, operations, and management a clear view of what’s happening in today’s complex software environments. So you can find and fix problems faster, build high-performing DevOps teams, and deliver delightful experiences for your customers.

Our summary Of The Tool:

New Relic is designed for the backend team to create full transparency and clarity when it comes to business operations. The end result is a positive experience for customers and that all starts with isolating and fixing problems that could potentially put sales and revenue at risk. 

Users can use the software on premises, opt to store it in the cloud or use a combination of both for convenient accessibility. It also has a unified view, which connects all of the various accounts in a single platform where users can access all team accounts with a few clicks. 

New Relic is great for teams, too. Building dashboards and connecting data sources are quick and efficient, and it’s shareable, so everyone in the company who needs the info has access to it. 

There are different products that users can purchase including APM, Mobile, Infrastructure, Browser, Synthetics and Insights. Each of these evaluates data from a different area of business operations and they can be purchased together or as standalone platforms. 

APM measures the metrics while Mobile lets users optimize the mobile experience across Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. Synthetics runs potential behavioral problems, isolating and fixing them before they become customer issues. Infrastructure takes a look at the systems a company uses and proposes dynamic solutions to improve operations. 

Browser focuses on the use of a website, helping to boost page load times and assign the development team where it’s needed most. Insights takes a closer look at software performance and how it affects the business, whether positively or negatively. 

Pricing will vary depending on the tools needed so interested parties are asked to contact the company directly or online to obtain an estimate.

Tool #15 – Looker

Description From The Developer: Looker is a modern, enterprise-class analytics platform with purpose-built applications. Unlease the value of your data with a more intuitive approach to refining the data you need for the insights you want.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Looker is a platform built with robust features aimed at taking a business’ data and evaluating its value to gain insight into problem areas. It’s fully browser-based, and reports can be shared via Google Drive, S3, Dropbox or through email and chat. 

It’s a fully-integratable platform that works well with popular tools such as Slack, but it’s also available for custom applications, making it handy for businesses of all sizes. Sharing among team members is simple, they only need to forward a URL. Then everyone who needs the data and its reports can access it with a no fuss, no muss approach. 

The main difference, according to Looker, is that they balance the analytics with a tool that’s easy to operate and data that’s easy to decipher and evaluate with its row-level detail. 

There are multiple uses for Looker including embedded analytics, business intelligence and applications. Plus, there are a variety of new upgrades and features that improve practicality and even seamlessly integrate into Google BQML, reducing complexity and speeding up the decision-making process. 

Looker realizes that not every business has a one-size-fits-all need for their services. For this reason, they invite interested parties to contact them for a discussion about their needs, followed up with a custom quote.

Tool #16 – Tableau

Description From The Developer: Tableau combines a laser focus on how people see and understand data with the kind of robust, scalable platform you need to run even the world’s largest organizations. The Tableau platform helps you turn your data into insights that drive action—while making your IT team happy, too.

Our summary Of The Tool:

When it comes to business data, it’s easy to get lost in all the information available. Tableau answers this concern with a robust platform that takes the data and consolidates it to a point where it’s not only easy to understand, but users can actually take the information and put it to work. 

Tableau works for many different parties: individuals, teams and organizations. It’s available in desktop and mobile versions, so those who sign up can use it anywhere they go. It comes with several different products with the main ones being Creator, Explorer and Viewer. 

Creator offers several different functions across six categories: access, interact, collaborate, author, prepare and govern. Interact features let users download summary and full data, share and create custom views and interact with the visualizations. 

Those looking to collaborate can create and receive alerts that are data-driven and create a subscription for themselves and team members. The Author feature gives the user control over publishing whether it’s a workbook or data source. 

Prepare features include the ability to schedule, publish and run flows, monitor the health and performance of these flows and export the data. Governing simply gives the user the ability to manage the server, content and user permissions. 

Tableau comes in several different price points. The Tableau creator, a required component, costs $70 per user per month and it’s billed annually. Explorer costs $35 per user per month, and the Viewer costs $12 per user per month. Data management and servers are available for additional costs as well.

Tool #17 – InsightSquared

Description From The Developer: Insight Squared is a revenue intelligence software that turns your sales and marketing data into decision-quality reports and board-ready visuals.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

InsightSquared is a revenue intelligence software aimed at helping businesses optimize their income and predict future success. It takes the available data and puts it into a format that fosters informed decision making. 

Those who use the software get access to a number of features that make the process simple. They can access specific reports that are easy to understand and customize them to business needs. Frequently used reports can be automated, eliminating the need to run them at specific intervals. 

Marketing analytics combine both marketing and sales to foster collaboration. Marketing reports show where the money’s being spent and how effective campaigns are. Customer success analytics focuses on keeping established customers happy while still seeking new ones. The customer success dashboard shows renewal data and helps accurately predict future success. 

Companies looking to evaluate their staff can benefit from the Staffing Performance Analytics. This service digs deep into how current staff is performing and where they can improve. InsightSquared delivers complete transparency, so it’s easier to make educated staffing decisions. 

While InsightSquared offers multiple plans, the pricing isn’t available on their website. However, interested users can contact the company to learn about individual or paired services and get a custom quote.

Tool #18 – Board

Description From The Developer: Data Discovery, Planning, Forecasting, and Advanced Analytics. All of Board’s functionality is completely unified and shares the same metrics, data, and vision of customers, products, and markets. It is a unique decision-making tool to help you achieve your goals and make a difference to your business.

Our summary Of The Tool:

Business intelligence plays a large part in how much success a company experiences. There’s always data to sort through and analyze, and important decisions to make that can affect the trajectory of a company. Board combines all of these necessary functions into a single decision-making tool that benefits just about every business owner. 

The business intelligence function takes a look at key components including scorecarding, reporting and analysis. Performance management looks at the finances. It includes forecasting, budgeting and planning, profitability analysis and financial consolidation, so users can see the big picture of how each of these elements affects the other. 

The predictive analysis tool implements machine learning forecasting and simulation, as well as statistical functions that help forecast the profitability and performance of a company, product or industry. 

The toolkit is easy to customize and to use, without the need to have any special coding skills. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to implement and configure. By combining all of the features, managers and business owners can see everything at a glance, without having to invest in multiple platforms. 

Board offers a free demo to interested users. Simply contact the company to get started and see how it can work for any business.

Tool #19 – UserTesting

Description From The Developer: UserTesting helps companies eliminate bad user experiences. At UserTesting, we make it easy for you to get on-demand feedback from your target market—wherever they are—so you can protect your brand, boost conversions, and provide amazing experiences.

Our summary Of The Tool:

UserTesting takes a company’s website and messaging services, and puts it in the hands of their target audience for full evaluation. Real, live people test out the services and provide instant feedback, identifying problem areas and successes alike. 

Because businesses rely on their customers — whether it’s consumers or other businesses — knowing where the shortcomings lie helps to improve the overall experience. The platform comes with multiple capabilities including Insight Core and Product Insight. 

Insight Core gives users access to the platform, where they can create specific tests to judge consumer satisfaction. With this feature, users can undergo A/B testing, share marketing campaigns and creative elements for feedback, and get validation on the website and its functionality. 

Product Insight seeks feedback from consumers for products before they’re launched. This reduces the risk of failed products and lost money. This feature lets users create custom tests and even schedule video interviews with target customers. 

UserTesting is versatile in that it can be integrated into platforms such as Slack, Trello and Google Calendar, to name a few. 

It’s currently available as a trial for those who want to test drive it before purchasing. Prices depend on the type of business and services needed.

Tool #20 – Sticky

Description From The Developer: Sticky delivers actionable insights on the most effective way to influence consumers by utilizing advanced webcam-based eye tracking technology, tailored global online test panels and traditional questionnaires. Simply give us your packaging design or ad creative and we will deliver an easy to understand report on consumer attention so you will know which design concepts to pursue and which ones to abandon.

Our summary Of The Tool: 

Developing creative ads and branding is not as simple as it seems. Many companies fail spectacularly before stumbling upon a winning formula. Sticky can help fine-tune these ads and branding before they launch, giving powerful insight into the design elements from a consumer’s point of view. 

Sticky has two tests that they offer: one to improve packaging, the other to improve advertising effectiveness. When it comes to packaging, the visual is what catches the shopper’s eye first. Sticky compares the design against the competition’s noting flaws and areas where improvements can make the difference. The Convert-to-Buyers test looks at the design itself, as a standalone, evaluating features and branding, and how these elements relate to the buyers. 

The goal of advertising is to reach the target audience with a winning design that clamors “buy me!” Sticky takes a look at the ad itself and determines how it can be better optimized so that it’s seen, not simply put in front of the target audience and skimmed over. The Optimize Ad function takes a look at the emotions the ad itself invokes. Since emotions invoke action, it’s a very important, yet often overlooked element of an ad. 

Since ads and branding vary, Sticky’s services are offered on a quote basis. Users can opt for a single test or combine them to get a full evaluation before launching.